What is a cough and why does it occur?

Coughing is a normal reflex reaction expressed by the body to irritation of the respiratory system. Usually it accompanies infectious diseases of the respiratory tract, but can also occur as a consequence of certain nervous shock.

Can you call a cough a useful phenomenon? On the one hand, the person experiences some discomfort when it occurs, however, when it occurs cleansing the bronchi. And the reasons for its appearance are:
- inflammatory response of Airways of different severity;
thermal irritation due to inhalation of too hot or too cold air;
mechanical irritation caused by impaired patency of the bronchi;
- chemical irritation associated with inhalation of gases with a pungent odor.

What is the danger of prolonged cough?

Cough which cannot be cured within a few weeks is called chronic. Often prolonged cough is a consequence of the bronchitis, however, in some cases, it may be a sign of tumor development, heart failure or interstitial lung diseases.

Of health distress that accompany prolonged cough, can be expressed by such pathologies as:
- dry rales;
- hemoptysis;
- sour belching or heartburn;
- nasal congestion and a feeling of stuffiness in the chest.

Some patients cough may not be curable over a month and after the usual cold, however, and there is a health hazard, namely the possibility of infection of the respiratory tract.

What can I do about a lingering cough?

If the cough bothers more than 4 weeks should visit a TB specialist to exclude dangerous diseases such as pneumonia, tuberculosis, bronchitis, asthma and lung cancer. Often, the adult population does not perceive the cough as a serious deviation in the absence of other symptoms, however, this attitude towards their health can have dire consequences, if undetected and not addressed the true cause of the cough.

It is not uncommon for physicians is when a person asks for help with chronic respiratory disease, and all because he tried to fight coughs, following the advice of friends and the recommendations of the pharmacist. Experiment with the inappropriate health – better drug treatment trust the doctor, and at home to Supplement it with traditional medicine in consultation with the specialist.

How to cope with chronic cough at home

Chopped a head of garlic and a dozen bulbs are boiled in cow's milk until tender. The resulting mixture is diluted with honey and the juice of Boudreau. The ready use inside every hour to 1 tablespoon.

Saline solution for gargle is prepared by simple dissolving 1 teaspoon salt in 1 Cup of warm boiled water. The procedure should be performed every hour.

Inhalation, accelerates the process of discharge of phlegm, it is better to using essential oils. Need to be chosen from oils of marjoram or lavender or use of benzoic resin or incense. They soften the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract, and improve the sputum.