Why there is fungus on the face and how it manifests itself?

Fungal infections, or ringworm that develop on the mucous membranes and the skin of the person due to the activity of pathogenic fungi. Get them is easy – just use someone else's towel or other personal care products. Cause ringworm on your face can mechanical trauma to the skin, leading to flaking and inflammation.

Signs of fungal infections of the skin are bubbles of various sizes, which, after samskriti form moist areas. Subsequently they become inflamed and cause intense itching, leading to loosening of the skin. In very advanced cases, the skin can even sometimes be separated. In the absence of timely adequate therapy, the disease becomes chronic.
The process of fungus treatment on the face should be accompanied by dieting, according to which from the diet excludes cheeses, yogurt, and any baked goods that contribute to the spread of fungi.

How to treat fungus on face medicine

Treatment of ringworm should be preceded by delivery of the scraping. This analysis is needed to determine the species of fungus and selection of appropriate drugs. Good effect have antifungal ointments such as:
- Miconazole;
- Myconet;
- Clotrimazole;
- Econazole.

They are used for local treatment of the affected by the fungus areas 1-2 times a day. It happens that local effects are insufficient, and then the patient is assigned systemic medications in the form of capsules and tablets.
Homemade honey and warm boiled water, taken in the ratio of 1:10, preparing a composition for the treatment of persons with the ringworm.

Is it possible to cure a fungus on the face folk remedies

At home to cope with ringworm, using the following recipes:
1. copper sulfate, sulfur yellow powder and pure tar thoroughly mixed and boiled for a few minutes. The resulting tool is cooled and used for lubrication of the patients skin.

2. Onion juice is smeared on face and after some time wash. The procedure is very simple and effective, but it should be carried out only subject to availability not to leave the house, because the individual will exude the smell of onions.

3. Similarly to the previous recipe used garlic, crushed and mixed with butter. The medicinal composition is applied to the face for half an hour, and then washed off.

4. From 1 lemon squeeze the juice and lubricate the face (at night). In the morning you should wash with cool water without soap.