Advice 1: How to get to Afimall city in Moscow

Mistakenly believed that the only large and conveniently located shopping centre within the ring road in Moscow alone – and it's "European". Although just one metro stop away is another center of a giant- "Afimall city", within which is also quick and easy.
How to get to Afimall city in Moscow

As the global crisis has broken plans "APIMELL"

The decision to build one of the most beautiful shopping centers in Moscow was taken in the spring of 2008, but in connection with the financial crisis the opening of the "APIMELL" had to be postponed until better times, namely, till may, 2011
However, the long-awaited opening was solemn and was attended by many Russian pop stars: Dima Bilan, group "Factory" and "band'eros".

Unlike most of its competitors, the property is not within the boundaries of the Moscow ring road, but much closer – in the center of one of the largest investment projects of the last decade, the Moscow international business center "Moscow city".
Afimall is famous for its large-scale exhibitions: about 2 years on the 6th floor of the Mall was the display of giant matryoshka dolls. Now it was replaced by the exhibition "Titanic."

3 ways to get to the "APIMELL"

To get to the shopping centre by public transport, you need to take metro station Kievskaya (Filyovskaya line).

Because it is the only branch that has a fork, you need to be extremely careful: with the same platform, the train leaving in the direction of two stations "Kuntsevskaya" and "international".

In order not to disorient passengers, all trains that go to "Kuntsevskaya", do not declare, but if any part should be up to "International", it will say on the loudspeaker and write on the digital Board, which is located above the track.

Trains to the "International" run with large intervals – on average, the wait can lay up to 10 minutes. After the "right" train has been selected, it should pass only one run to the station "Vystavochnaya". But what! Unlike most of the spans between the stations, the path from "Kiev" to "Exhibition" will take about 7 minutes.

But to rise from the convenient metro station is designed in such a way that when you exit once you get into the shopping center.

To get to the "Afemale" and on a personal car – it is necessary to reach the junction where the SEC (Third ring road) crosses the Krasnopresnenskaya embankment.

Private Parking at the entertainment centre there, but underground, and, to the surprise of many, paid. Car Park within 2 hours and will cost 100 rubles/ hour, 3-4 hours – 50 rubles/hour.

There is a third way to get to "APIMELL": on the train, which departs from the Belorussky railway station. Fit the train, next to Odintsovo, Golitsyno, Mozhaisk and Borodino, which make the stop at the station Testovskaya.

Although the Mall is very close from the railway tracks to get to it is not always easy - due to the ongoing construction on the territory of "Moscow-city".

By the way, Afimall is not only one of the most beautiful and meaningful projects, but unfortunately investors, and even one of the most sparsely populated and unprofitable.

The development company that funded the construction of the center, Afimall daily visited by 20 thousand people, while the daily throughput of the nearest (in the sense of scope and geography) of a competitor, the SEC "European", is 130 thousand people.

Despite this, news of the possible closure of the shopping center has not yet been reported.

Advice 2: How to get to Mozhaysk

Mozhaysk is one of the cities of military glory, the administrative center of Mozhaysky district. This town is situated on Gzhatsk basin in the upper reaches of the Moscow river. Known that during the great Patriotic war there were hard fights.
How to get to Mozhaysk
The easiest way to get to the city is a trip on the train. From Belorussky railway station each day takes the train: "Moscow — Mozhaysk", "Moscow — Gagarin", "Moscow — Borodino", which can take you to the station "Mozhaysk". The trip will take 1 hour and 45 minutes depending on the number of stops, which makes any composition.
For fans of fast driving train, it is possible to take an Express "Moscow — Mozhaisk", departing from Belorussky station every morning. It to the destination can be reached faster.
There is also the option to drive to Mozhaysk on the long train. You can take train No. 033Ж "Moscow — Smolensk", it is possible to buy a ticket on train number 111Ж "Moscow — Smolensk" and No. 195В "Moscow — Brest". Here the road will take approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes.
Easy and pleasant will visit by bus. From the metro station "Victory Park" every half hour, buses №457 "Moscow — Mozhaysk". The time spent on the road, is 1 hour and 45 minutes.
The most popular is the trip to Jaipur by car. Whoever is behind the wheel, it is necessary to move along the Mozhaisk highway through Moscow and Kubinka. After the village of Dorokhovo should smoothly turn right at sign and after some time to enter the outskirts of Mozhaisk. Travel time under favorable road conditions will be from 2 hours.
According to a second embodiment of driving, the car must leave the track M9 and move through Krasnogorsk, Pavlovskaya Sloboda and near the City we turn left and go straight to Mozhaisk.
There is a third option — through the Volokolamsk highway. It is necessary to pass Krasnogorsk, Dedovsk, Snegiri, Istra, and from Novopetrovskaya to turn left. Then straight to Mozhaisk.

Advice 3: How to get to Odintsovo

Odintsovo is one of the smaller cities near the capital, is one of the administrative centers of districts of the Moscow region. It is just 4 km from MKAD.
How to get to Odintsovo
To get to Odintsovo by car, bus and rail. To get to Odintsovo from Moscow by car, you need to go on Kutuzovsky Prospekt in the direction of Mozhaisk highway. Go along it to the intersection with the ring road, pass the roundabout, then turn right on the overpass. You will be taken to the Mozhaisk highway, and after 2 km you will enter in Odintsovo. Mozhayskoe highway is the main street of the city, which is the most important buildings of the city.
Also to Odintsovo, you'll be able to get on the bus, who go from Moscow. Most buses depart from the Poklonnaya Gora, which is located near the metro station "Park of Culture". From metro you have to go Barklaya street, right of way, there are usually buses to Odintsovo. The route number of this bus 339, and in Odintsovo this bus is on the streets North and Zhukov. There is a bus to 23:45 every day, the range of motion for about 10-15 minutes, the road a little over an hour. The fare - 60 rubles one-way.
From the metro station South-West to of Odintsovo can be reached by bus 461, the travel on it also costs 60 rubles, and to go to Odintsovo in just 20 minutes. The final stop of the bus in Odintsovo is a city administration.
From the metro station Molodezhnaya you will be able to go to Odintsovo on the bus 418. However, he goes much less often than other intervals of 25-30 minutes, and in the evening more. In Odintsovo the bus passes through the Station street and the final stop at the railway station of Odintsovo.
Most of the buses on the way to Odintsovo, we stop in small towns and villages of the district. For example, Zvenigorod, Vlasikha, Ershovskoe, Uspensky, and others.
In the city there are 4 railway stations, which can be reached by trains and trains from Moscow. Station pleasant, Bakovka, Odintsovo equipped with turnstiles. Trains depart from Belorussky train station, from the stations Fili, Kuntsevo, Jogging, working village and Setun, in the way from 20 to 40 minutes depending on the platform on which you will sit in the car.
Near the Kutuzovskaya district of the city there is a station Trekhgorka, it is also possible to come by train, but there are no turnstiles, but there are ticketing services. This station is often a lot of tourists because it is convenient to take trains in the direction of Minsk, no need to take the subway to Belorussky station. Trains in Odintsovo there are also from early morning until late evening, and the ride to the city takes less than one hour.
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