The basic combinations with pink clothes

Speaking of pink, does not mean the main color, but many shades such as Nude, mangeta, salmon, dark pink, lavender-pink, coral, neon pink, fuchsia. The list is very long. As long as you can transfer and the combination of pink with other colors in clothing. Stop you in the selection of the combinations can only be a fantasy.

The most effective is the combination of pink with a deep black color. For example, the kit can consist of a black jacket, black tight pants and hot pink shirts and a pink thin belt. Pink dress can be supplemented with a black belt, the same sandals and clutch.

You can give your image of freshness and femininity due to the combination of pale pink and white. This can be a white chiffon blouse and a pink pencil skirt with stilettos to match. Summer lace sundress with pink belt and ballet flats will create the atmosphere of lightness and innocence around you.

Looks sophisticated combination of pink and gray. Boring gray long tank top will sparkle with new colors, combined with pale pink slim trousers. Along with a gray coat advantageous will look pink scarf.

Combination pink with chromatic colors

Beige and gold hues create a gentle way combined with salmon and coral. It will look exquisitely pink dress flying cut or sewn on the figure, complemented by a beige long jacket and beige shoes. Beige tank top is perfect for a pink skirt to the floor. Of jewelry would be appropriate pink pendant on a gold chain.

Active and bright girls like have a combination of pink with blue, turquoise or turquoise. The combination can be implemented in the blue jeans or narrow pants and a pink loose t-shirt under the throat. The pink dress can be supplemented with a blue belt, jewelry and ballet flats in tone.

Pink with purple – elegant combinations for office and leisure. Working in a creative field, you can wear to work pink-orange blouse with a dark purple skirt. Rich pink evening dress beautiful shade of purple accessories and shoes with high heels.

Pink skirt and orange tank top with wide straps is perfect for evening walks in the summer. This purpose perfect ensemble of short hot pink skirt and leopard tops strapless.

Selecting combinations with pink consider your age, time of day, the purpose of the outfit. Remember that everything should be in moderation.