Cholesterol is needed by the human body, as cells, including the brain, are built from it. Reduction of cholesterol can lead to deep depression, which lately have been considered as a disease; aggression; decreased sex drive; premature onset of menopause and some other serious violations of functions of organs.
It should be remembered that cholesterol is not only ingested from food, but also synthesized in the human body. So if it is not enough in the blood at the correct and balanced diet, this may indicate a malfunction of some organs, primarily the liver.
Unfortunately, independently to increase the level of cholesterol very difficult, almost impossible. To bring it to normal, mandatory doctor's consultation and full examination, which will help to identify the causes of this phenomenon. You should not consider this frivolous and to put off going to the doctor, otherwise you can face serious problems.
If after examination you find that in your body all right, but the cholesterol is still low, think, whether correctly you feed. If you've been sitting too long on a diet trying to lose weight, take a break, health is more expensive. Be sure to include in the diet are meat, eggs and dairy products, such food can become a source of cholesterol. It is not necessary to abuse fried and fatty foods: meat can be cooked steamed or simply boiled.
In addition, there are special medical drugs, whose action is directed on increase of level of cholesterol. Initially, they began to produce for vegetarians who eat only plant foods, and therefore of the cholesterol they have is not enough for normal functioning of the body. To prescribe such drugs can only be a doctor, you should not buy them at the pharmacy without a consultation with a specialist, otherwise you can only exacerbate the situation.