Advice 1: How to choose a computer for home

Computers on the market as spare parts to them - a great many. Computer for the home, unlike his office, is not only a working tool. At the moment the computer is able to perform so many functions that it can be called a family entertainment centre. Therefore, his choice must be treated with special attention
The choice of a home computer should be treated with special attention
The choice of the place of purchase.

Computers are trading now in all major supermarkets household appliances, small and large computer stores. They are made to order, sometimes made of designer samples. Variants of purchase of the computer a great many, but by far the most proven shopping destination PC is a specialized computer store. It should be chosen based on the following principle: the older the market the store, the better. If the shop is on the market for a few years, it means that he is firmly occupied its niche, and consumers trust it.
The choice of an appropriate configuration of the computer.

If you came for a home computer with a desire to spend less money then You already lost. Modern home computer must be purchased with extra capacity on such key parameters as: the processor, video card, RAM. This is due to the fact that currently, the market many software products requiring more and more resources of the computer, which is much more economical to buy a powerful computer system than complain every time the "brake" and "glitches" within six months after its acquisition.
Starting price from 18-20 thousand rubles You can afford to buy a good on the parameters computer that will be enough for 2-3 years use.

Also don't forget about the companies-manufacturers of components.

Motherboard: Asus, Intel, MSI.

Video Card: XfX, Palit.

Hard drive: Seagate Barracuda, Samsung.

Drive: Sony, Toshiba, Samsung.

These brands have long been time-tested and users around the world, and therefore Your chance to stumble on a poor quality product is much lower.
Selection of peripherals.

Acquiring computer, do not forget that You may need except for him and the other connected to the computer device. This printer, scanner, copy machine, external storage devices (flash drives, portable hard disks) and many more. Therefore, to objectively evaluate all the amount of features that will be on Your future computer.

Advice 2 : How to choose desktop computer

When choosing a desktop computer, it is important to pay attention to a large set of parameters. Modern PCs are very different, not only the inner elements. They have different dimensions and may include a variety of devices.
How to choose desktop computer
First, specify the type of desktop computerand that will suit you best. There are several basic types of PCs: classical sets, monoblocks and nettops. In the first case we are talking about usually combined the big system unit and monitor.
All-in-ones are a hybrid of the system unit and monitor. If you choose a desktop computer for office – get the specified type. Main disadvantages: lack of additional video outputs and the complexity of the replacement components.
How to choose table <strong>computer</strong>
Ideal for home computerand that will not be used for gaming, is a nettop. This device is a smaller analogue of the system unit. Purchase this computer, if you care about saving the workplace.
How to choose table <strong>computer</strong>
Stop your choice on the classic computere, if you want to use all features of modern PCs. Of course, it is important not only to identify the type of device, but also how to relate to the study of its characteristics.
Select a motherboard and CPU that is suitable to her. To work with office programs can use the processor in the socket FM1 with integrated GPU.
Another advantage of the motherboard with a relatively new ports – ability in the future to improve the performance of the computer. Keep this in mind when selecting such elements.
Specify the amount of RAM. It should not be lower than 3 GB. This is enough even for running powerful applications and games. Pay attention to the frequency of the bus of RAM. Boards for DDR3 it should not be lower than 1033 MHz.
Understand the characteristics of the installed graphics card: memory size and bus frequency. For a budget model of video card, these indicators must not be lower than 1 GB and 128 bits, respectively. If you plan to run modern games, increase both figures twice.
Don't forget to choose the right monitor. It must correspond to the used graphics card. It is best to buy a widescreen display with a diagonal of 21-25 inches. Naturally, the resolution matrix should not be lower 1366x768 pixels.
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