Letting into your house cat, the man takes responsibility. Animal nothing he is not obliged and entitled initially behave as you wish. The task of man: to raise a kitten so that living together was a joy for both.
An adult animal should clearly see and understand the boundaries. And to accustom the cat to order on forces only to its owner.

Education cat power

как сделать так чтобы кошка тебя полюбила

Members of the cat family known by the extraordinary willfulness and pride. Sometimes cats are so eager to show its character that it becomes unbearable. Many cat owners sometimes face serious difficulties in the upbringing of the animal.

One of the major mistakes in the formation of the character of a cat – nurturing force.
You can only once to hit the animal, and it will remember it. To beat the cat means to hurt her. The pain in turn causes fear, and the owner completely loses the confidence of the animal. Worse, the existence in constant fear (in anticipation of the strike from the man) leads to disturbances in the psyche of cat, the animal becomes inadequate. Many people notice: it is necessary to punish a cat for either a shock or a loud cry as she starts to misbehave even more, not ceasing to respond to comments. Do not drive to extremes, raise the animal properly from the first days of life.

Education cats by force and brutality is not only physical pain to the animal, but also a serious blow to his ego. This way of forming the character of a cat to anything good will not result, the relationship with the animal just come to naught.

The formation of the character of cats without whipping

пометил как убрать запах

Is it possible to raise an animal obedient without beating and shouting? Of course, you can. The main thing – patience. To begin understand that punishing a cat will have, but not by force, but by special methods. Otherwise, the animal may grow arrogant and spoiled, that will bring you a lot of problems in the future.

To frighten the animal during the Commission of any adverse actions, use the following method. Seeing that the cat misbehaves (is sharpening its claws in the wrong place, jumps on the table, etc.), armed with a gun. At the moment of committing "atrocities", spray the animal with water from the dispenser, preferably in the face. It will not cause your dog pain, will not cause panic, but will be a powerful warning, as cats do not like water. Moreover, the warning will come not from you but from a foreign object, in this case from spray. What you get from this method? A good relationship with the cat and her good behavior.