Causes and symptoms of fibroadenoma

The main cause of fibroadenoma of the breast is the imbalance of sex hormones, which is observed at diseases of the thyroid gland, diseases of ovaries, liver diseases, endocrine system. Risk factors are stress, avoidance of breastfeeding, sexual frustration. The first symptom is pain in the mammary glands. In them there is a small cyst that can not be detected during the probing (diffuse form). In nodal form it is possible to probe single and distinct education.

Fibroadenomatosis of the breast is not dangerous, however it can reduce quality of life. The disease may evolve into breast cancer. However, in some cases, the fibroadenoma is the background to the development of cancer, as both of these diseases have some common risk factors. If you suspect this disease you must pass an inspection from the experts – mammologa, the oncologist and gynecologist. Also should undergo examination of the thyroid gland, abdominal organs (including liver, ovarian).
Perhaps the appointment of research of level of hormones - estrogen, prolactin, and progesterone.

Treatment of fibroadenoma

If the fibroadenoma detected at an early stage and is uncomplicated diffuse form, it is treated with drugs that help restore hormonal balance. Drugs are selected depending on the main causes of this imbalance may be prescribed medication that regulates the thyroid gland, contraceptives, normalizing menstrual cycle, and drugs that protect the mammary gland from the action of a large number of estrogens. Patients prescribed vitamins, medications that improve liver function.
During treatment you should stop Smoking.

When fibroadenomatosis necessary to follow a diet. You should eliminate consumption of coffee, strong tea. It is recommended to use vitaminosoderžaŝej vegetarian food. Surgery is the fibroadenomatosis is carried out for suspected malignancy in the breast. Focal do not have the disease develops into life-threatening cancer, but under certain conditions the risk of development of oncological diseases increases significantly. Surgical removal of multiple cysts surgically to no avail: in the case of education in the breast can be multiplied.