Without entering on the page - anywhere

To perform any action in the "Classmates", you first need to go to its own page in the social network. For this you will need to enter credentials on the main page of the website or save the link to the website in your browser's bookmarks. Moreover, it should be noted that the second method is much simpler: because the entrance to the "Classmates" will be enough to click on the link. However, this option is good if your computer no longer has access to, otherwise your page can go foreign.
Never give out your data from social networks.

To remove a community or group

Once on the home page in the "Classmates" under the line with your first and last name, find the link labeled "Groups" (this is the fourth photo from the main button). Click on it and navigate to the page where you will be presented with a list of all existing groups.
To see a list of all the groups, click "Show more", located on the gray background of the main window. Then you will see all the community that you are.

"Learn" the desired group on the main picture of the avatar. If this method is acceptable to you, for example, you don't remember how looks the group, hover over the image the mouse and drop-down box will appear not only the name of the band, but also links where you can immediately go to the sections "Themes", "Photos", "Members". Just below in this window there are links to "invite to group", "Leave group".

Move the cursor to the desired group, i.e. one with which you chose to say goodbye, and select the desired item. In this case - "Leave the group". Click on the link, then on the new page window appears "out of band". Here you will be asked if you really want to leave the group. If your answer is final, press the "Exit" button. If no – Undo.

There is another way out of the group. To do this you need to find in the list the desired group, go to its main page and in the list of available options to find the "Leave group". Click on this link and go to the next page where you will need to confirm your decision to leave the band.

If the author of the group - you

If you are going to remove the site's own group, the Creator of which you are also you must first come to the group and under the main photo click the link that says "Delete group". Then in the next window, confirm your decision. After this step, the group will disappear from the list of all existing communities.