In some cases, humanely euthanize the dog

Euthanasia of animals in veterinary clinics is on social and health indicators. The first category includes cases where the owners simply lack the means necessary for treatment of diseased dogs, but such cases are very rare – people are trying to do everything possible to pet recovered.

Health indicators, in fact, not very much. These include:
- irreversible pathological changes and injuries of the spinal cord (myelitis, a neurological disease, the 5-th degree, the severing of the spinal cord);
- acute renal failure caused by the lack of adequate treatment;
- uremia caused by chronic renal failure, hepatic coma;
- malignant tumor in the last stage (osteosarcoma, angiosarcoma, leukemia, etc.);
- severe cardiac disorders, respiratory failure;
- injuries incompatible with life.
Euthanasia is also approved for use in cases of appearance of unwanted or non-viable offspring (until the age of 10 days), and if there was an unreasonable attack on a person causing him injuries.

In these cases, how could you not love an animal and it would not have wanted to cure him, it will be more humane and wiser to spare him from suffering. Their symptoms everyone should know the owner of the sick dog. These animals pain syndrome is manifested by barking and whining, howling, and even sounds that resemble moans and screams. Particularly patient dog, even severe pain can behave or too calm or very agitated, they will periodically experience bouts of rapid breathing. A lack of sleep or a short and restless sleep are also symptoms of acute pain.

As it happens

In the State Duma has long been discussed the bill "About responsible treatment of animals". This bill prohibits the use of euthanasia for animals in such painful methods as bleeding, suffocation with inert gas embolism and so Euthanasia should not be painful in an animal, the feeling of fear to cause him physical suffering.
Euthanasia is performed only after the veterinarian makes the conclusion about the impossibility of cure dogs.

If the owner decided to euthanize the dog, the vet can come to the house once again not to expose the animal to stress. The procedure is performed in two stages – first, the dog is immersed in deep anesthesia, during which she falls asleep and ceases to feel anything, and then inject her with a potent drug that stops heart activity.