Diet cereal "Fitness"

Breakfast: 6 tablespoons of cereal and a couple of any chopped fruit (bananas, apples, pears, plums) pour skim milk. Mix everything and eat. Follow with a Cup of tea, but without sugar.

Second Breakfast: eat 2 of any fruit, slice of low fat cheese, drink 1 glass of kefir, drinking yoghurt or fermented baked. You can wash it all down with a Cup of unsweetened herbal tea.

Lunch: serving of bouillon or soup without adding pasta, fresh salad, piece of fish, steamed and a Cup of green tea without sugar.

Snack: a serving of nonfat cottage cheese, 1 Cup of yogurt, 2 of any fruit, a slice of grain bread, green tea.

Dinner: similar to Breakfast.

At night, drink 1 Cup of nonfat yogurt.

To achieve a greater effect of diets with cereal, combine their intake with regular exercise.
When you prepare a cereal for Breakfast or dinner, better fill them with warm milk and wait for 5 to 7 minutes to be able to dissolve.

The advantages of flakes "Fitness" for weight loss

First, the flakes "Fitness" easy to prepare - they simply pour the milk. This advantage is especially important in the morning when very little time to cook a hearty and nutritious Breakfast. But Breakfast is very important for the body eating, on which depends the health and mood throughout the day.
If you don't get Breakfast, you will be quite difficult then to resist any harmful snacking.

Second, the composition of the flakes "Fitness" includes a limited amount of sugar, which makes them quite pleasant to the taste. 100 grams of this product contains 384 calories and the glycemic index of the cereal is only 70. That is why weight loss flakes "Fitness" will not be a exhausting task.

Thirdly, the produced flakes "Fitness" of wheat, which in comparison with other cereals absorbed by the body much slower.

Fourth, if a fan of morning porridge you are not, 2 weeks slimming cereal "Fitness" you get used to Breakfast.

It is worth noting that the flakes "Fitness" there is one significant drawback is the high cost of the product. In addition, the composition of the flakes contain sugar, so if you absolutely do not eat this product, you should refuse to this method of weight loss.