To start make a plan of all events and classes. This will help to discipline you and and child. You can execute the plan in the form of a poster, for clarity, hanging it on the wall.
A few hours a day will be enough to complete tasks, developing the thinking, mental ability. Solve puzzles, solve puzzles both interesting and useful. Home reading is also required.
Mental training alternate with rest and physical activity. Already can help their parents in the home, doing light tasks. Let him water the flowers, wipe dust, sweep.
Take some time to develop the creative abilities of the child. For example, after watching a children's movie or cartoon ask the child to draw his favorite characters. The older student let them come up with and write the story.
Don't forget about the cultural visits to museums and exhibitions. They will help the aesthetic and intellectual development. Before you visit the Museum explain to your child the rules of conduct in such institutions in advance.
Be sure to allow for Hiking, trips to the beach. The child will be useful and interesting and picnics. Active games with friends on the air are also necessary.