The most common dish prepared from chicken offal is stewed stomachs. It is quite easy to make, turns out tender and delicious. Served with garnish and herbs.

Stewed chicken stomachs


- the stomachs of chickens, 1 kg;
- onions, 3 heads;
- carrot-2 PCs.;
- celery, 50 grams;
- sour cream, 100 ml;
- vegetable oil;
- hot boiled water, 100 ml;
- salt, pepper.

Onions clean from the husk, chop very finely and sauté in a frying pan, previously greased with vegetable oil, about 10 minutes. At this time, rinse the chicken gizzards, cut, wash the sand from the inside, remove the inner yellow layer.
By-products can be cut into pieces, and can be left intact.

The cleaned carrots and celery wipe on a grater. Add gizzards, carrots, celery and water in a pan to the onions.
Cook the mixture on medium heat for 1.5-2 hours.
If the water starts to boil away, add some new ones.

5 minutes before end of cooking, stomachs sprinkle with salt and pepper, season with sour cream.

Chicken gizzards in batter sauce, broccoli

This recipe is more complex and expensive both in time and money. But stomachs, cooked for him, have a mild and original taste. In addition, this dish will be appropriate on a festive table.


- liver, 500 grams.

For the batter:

- brandy, 30 ml;
- egg, 1 PC.;
- milk, 50 ml;
- flour, 100 grams.

For the marinade:

- ginger grated, 1 tbsp;
- soy sauce, 50 ml.

For the sauce:

cream (20%), 200 grams;
- broccoli 400 grams;
mustard, 2 tsp;
- greens;
- garlic, 4 cloves.

Chicken gizzards boil in salted water for 1.5 hours. If frozen broccoli, boil it in salted boiling water for about 5 minutes. If the cabbage is fresh, just wash it and put on a clean plate. Garlic and greens and chop.

Mix on a hot pan creamy sunflower oil, fry in it a mixture of broccoli, garlic and herbs. After 5 minutes add the mustard and cream, simmer for another 5 minutes. Remove the pan from the heat and grind the mixture into smooth puree. The sauce is ready.

To prepare the batter, mix the flour, warm milk, brandy, egg yolk and salt. Leave the mixture for 40 minutes. At this time, marinate the boiled gizzards in mixture of soy sauce and grated ginger for about 40 minutes. Whisk the whites to a froth, add the batter. Immediately after this action begin to cook. Stomachs, roll in batter and fry in deep fat until they are browned.
Is this a healthy dish with the sauce.