All about liver pate

Nicely decorated liver pate, which includes a variety of mouthwatering components, has a delicate taste and a festive look. Paste to obtain a homogeneous and tasty, before cooking the liver it is advisable to soak it in milk, which removes the characteristic taste and give it a softness. The pork liver pate can be applied anywhere, apply it directly to the pancakes, to stuff eggs, bake bread or to make sandwiches.
Some cooks add to pork pie grape juice, sour cream or white wine and boiled eggs, mulled with spices and other ingredients.

Choose and prepare foods for the pork pate is simple – when buying frozen liver pay attention to the processing time and storage. Also, it should not be too dark, as this indicates contamination of the liver. Choose a product taken from young pigs – they have a sweet smell without mustiness and taste no specific impurities.

If you bought the old liver of the animal, soothe it will help soaking in milk or place the liver in boiling water for a few minutes. Don't forget to remove the bile ducts and veins, which can irrevocably spoil the dish.

Recipe homemade pork pate

In order to prepare a pork pie, take:
- 900 grams pork liver;
- 200 grams of fresh fat;
- 2-3 carrots;
- 3-4 onions;
- 100 grams butter;
- nutmeg, salt and ground black pepper to taste.

Soak liver in water for two hours, several times changing the water in the process. Bacon cut into large cubes and fry it to a state greaves. Soaked liver rinse, remove the film and cut into small pieces. Fry them in the fat from the bacon to the coagulation of protein and place in a bowl.

Peel the carrots and onions, cut them into medium cubes and fry in the same pan. Add to zazharku liver, pork rinds, salt, everything, then put the nutmeg and pepper and mix the ingredients. Sauté them for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally, then refrigerate and three times pass the mass through a meat grinder.
To make the pate a special flavor and spicy notes it adds nutmeg.

Lay a sheet of edible paper and spread it with a thin layer of butter. Place pie on the middle and roll paper sausage. Tightly pinch the edges of the paper and place the sausage in the refrigerator until firm. Ready pie cut into portions, garnish with a piece of butter and serve.