The mht format

Much more rational to create the document to use the mht format, which is designed specifically to save web pages in a single file. In fact it is the archive, which is Packed with all the necessary information saved pages (text, styles, scripts, images, audio and video files, etc.). The first browser, which was used for saving and opening web pages with the extension. mhtml, was Internet Explorer 5.0.

Browsers that work with files. mht

The mht files by default open in Internet Explorer. They can also be viewed using the Opera browser (with the exception of Opera15.0) or Google Chrome. To do this, just drag the mht file into the open window or use hotkeys (Ctrl+O).
In addition to the browser, mht file you can open in the program Universal Viewer, designed to view files of different formats or in Microsoft Word. The latter is able to create web archives MHTML.

How to save web page in mht format

If you work with Internet Explorer, in order to save web page in mht format, you need to use the menu: "Page" — "Save as", choose the file type "Web archive, single file (*.mht)" and confirm saving. In Opera it is possible to apply a combination of hot keys (Ctrl+S), and then in the selection box type of file to specify "Web archive (single file)". If you have Google Chrome, you must type in the address bar chrome://flags, find the item "Save page as MHTML...", and turn it on. Now the function "Save page as..." (Ctrl+S) will save to MHTML. You can also use the Supplement Save AS MHTML.
To convert mht file to pdf you can open it using Microsoft PowerPoint. And then save using the menu function "Save as" and selecting from the list a pdf.

How to work with web archives using Mozilla Firefox

To "teach" the browser Mozilla Firefox to work with files. mht will need to install additional plugins:
- UnМHT — it can be found at:
When you install this extension menu, new items — "Save as MHT" and "Save all tabs as mht". It should be noted useful feature of this plugin — it allows you to save entire web-page entirely, and only the desired fragment by selecting it with the mouse. In addition, using a content menu, the mht file can be sent by mail.

- Mozilla Archive Format file — to install it go to: Using this addon you can save web pages not only in mht format, but in the maff (the format developed by the Mozilla team). In addition, these formats can be converted between each other. There is also the possibility to save in any of the presented extension all open tabs.
If you need to not just open but also to edit the. mht file, you can use the free editor HTML Quick Edit Bar.

How to make mht files to always open in a particular browser

If you have installed multiple browsers, then using control panel, you can choose which of them should open the mht file by default. To do this, open the menu "start" — "control Panel" — "default Programs" — "set the default programs." Find the desired browser and click on its name. Then click "Choose defaults for this program". You will see a list of file formats that you can open the selected browser. Then put a tick in the extensions of "mht" and "mhtml" and click "Save".