Own device Garmin - GPS-receivers and navigation. They are used for both military and peaceful purposes. To download maps on the original device it is best to use a program from Garmin BaseCamp, and upload that on the official website of manufacturers (
Install BaseCamp on your PC (supported both Windows and MacOS). To work with local highways, select map "Roads of Russia". The program supports different levels of detail and quality in the menu "Settings" you can choose, and high resolution with deep detail, and low key points. An interesting feature of this program is EyeBird ("Hawkeye"), a technology that allows to save snapshots of the route taken by satellites from space.
Also BaseCamp can be synchronized with Google Earth. Especially important role the option plays in the West – the data of major search engines will allow to get information about the nearest shops, cafes and entertainment centers.
Along with their own Garmin devices, map services company used by large manufacturers of mobile electronics (Asus, At&T, Alcatel). To install maps you need to download the files (All Maps) from the official developer site and download them to the Garmin folder on your device.
Often there are new objects, roads that you want to monitor while passing the route. On the official Garmin website you need to download and install the program MapChecker. She is responsible for updating maps, routes. Connect the device to the computer, the program will prompt you for permission to initialize the data (dialog box). Click: "Allow", and MapChecker will load maps.