The reason for the yellowing leaves and what can you do

If the leaves of the Orchid suddenly turned pale, but remained dense and not dehydrated, the roots of the flower are in good condition, you may have to be the lack of power. Also it says the slowdown in the growth of plants. To solve this problem is to feed the Orchid specially designed for this fertilizers, alternating foliar and root feeding.
Remember that the yellowing leaves of the plant is directly linked to the condition of its roots, and waterlogging or drying of the substrate.

If the Orchid is affected fungal infection, its roots begin to rot, and the mold spores block the conductive vessels of the flower and quickly apply it. To save the plant, it is urgent to remove the affected roots and leaves to prepare an Orchid for replanting in a clean substrate. After planting the flower needs to handle such antifungal drugs as "Vitaros", "Fitolavin" or "Fundazol". Orchid with soft leaves, which appeared in damp spots, will also be transplanted to treat its roots.

Care substrate

When dehydration and yellowing of the lower leaves of the orchids, whose roots remain healthy, the reason lies in the dryness of the substrate. Some owners regularly watered and sprayed plant, but water flows into the pan, and the crust stays dry. The plant begins to take the water from the old leaves, which turn yellow. To normalize watering orchids, watering it by immersion.
The Orchid not water hard water because it zaaleet substrate and triggers the development of chlorosis, which is expressed in yellow-green color.

When flowering orchids with yellowing leaves, its bark can get rid of excess salts with distilled water. Need to repot the plant in fresh soil and begin to feed sheets foliar fertilizers. The perfect solution in this case will be such chelated liquid fertilizer as a "bona Forte" or "Pocono".

Also the yellowing leaves of the Orchid may be affected by excess sunlight, which adversely affects its photosynthesis. In this case, the plant must be removed from the window or hide in the small shadow. Another reason for the yellowing is the age of the flower. Over time, the oldest lower leaves of the orchids begin to turn yellow, but this process, unfortunately, inevitable. Obsolete leaves must be carefully removed.