How to breathe over the potatoes

For inhalation for colds will need boiled potatoes. Wash the tubers, put them in a saucepan, flies water and boil until tender. After that, drain the water and lightly mash the potatoes. Wrap the pan with a towel or blanket to cool the potatoes immediately. Put the dishes on a table or chair and start inhalation. Pre-need to blow my nose and cough.

Cover head with a blanket, rug or towel to the steam from the potatoes is not out to the sides. Lean over the pan so not to burn yourself with hot steam. To breathe properly you need: take 2 breaths through the mouth and 2 exhalation through the nose. After some time, take 2 breaths through the nose and 2 out through the mouth. Thus, it is possible to clean the nose, sinuses and throat. When severe nasal congestion, breathing first through one nostril, closing the second finger, and then another. To do inhalation need 5-10 minutes.

To enhance the effect, you can make a poultice from potatoes. Well mash the potatoes, add a tablespoon of vodka or rubbing alcohol and a tablespoon of vegetable oil per 5 tubers of medium size. Mix the ingredients, put it in a thick plastic bag and wrap a thin towel. It can be placed on the chest, in the area of the bronchi, (not naked body). The compress should be kept at least 10 minutes, after it is possible to make iodine mesh.
These procedures are best done in the evening before bed, to then immediately go to bed.

The options of potato steam inhalation

When sinusitis in potato broth, you can add 1-2 tablets of validol, breathe on potato steam should be at least 10 minutes. To conduct inhalation when frontal sinusitis, and sinusitis should consult a otolaryngologist, because in some cases, the warming will promote the growth of bacteria, increase swelling and can worsen the condition.

Dry cough make inhalation potatoes with soda. For this you need to put washed potatoes in a pot, add a tablespoon of baking soda and a tablespoon of coarse salt, cover with water and cook until potatoes are done. Then you need to drain the water, mash the potatoes and make inhalation.
If correctly performed inhalations from the sinuses will start to get mucus and pus. Headaches will be less severe, painful feeling in the nose reduced.

For the treatment of angina add in the boiled potatoes 200 of chopped onions and half a Cup of honey. Inhale the vapors of this mixture until until it has cooled. After inhalation, the patient should drink hot tea with honey.