Advice 1: What is Signa

Communication on the Internet has become an integral part of the lives of adolescents and young adults. Their pages on social networks are even younger students, what can we say about their older comrades. Currently there is a new slang that is associated with the world wide web. One of the buzz words that are understandable to a particular group of Internet users is the word "Signa".
What is Signa

Why you need a Signa

Signa — Russian-language transcription of the word sign, which translates as "sign, sign, symbol". In fact it is written on the body or sheet of paper write the name or nick that confirms the identity of the page owner, or the reality of his relationship with those whose markings are depicted. Very often, these signs require the organizers of the competitions on "Facebook", "Vkontakte", "Classmates" to show participating in the competition works specifically for this contest.

Ordinary users of social networks often asked to do signu to enhance their own status in the eyes of visitors to your page: a guy asks a girl to take a picture with his name written on appetizing body parts of beauty; the child wants to see their name on a piece of paper that holds his favorite doll; the community waits for confirmation of commitment from their members and so on.
Fraudsters take advantage of the credulity of inexperienced users and does not fulfill the promise after receiving payment.

For some particularly enterprising people creating the signal became a business: for a simple picture, they charge a fee in the form of virtual currency: VK are the votes in the "Classmates" - OK, in "My World" - Maliki, some take money, some ask to recharge your phone.

How to make signu

It would seem that it is enough to write on the body: "Dima, I love you!", and everyone is happy. However, if you are asked to verify your identity in this kind of way or do you want to receive your token in the form of inscriptions, do not rush to put the photo in the network.
The signs of a good Signa: high-quality clear photo, legible handwriting, good perspective. And while it does not matter whether you are going to make a living, or simply want to make a person a pleasant surprise.

First, you should understand that any image that proves your identity can not be used for the noblest purposes. For example, it may be placed on the fake web page created for fraudulent purposes, to show your loved one, eyes which this picture was not intended and so on. Secondly, if your photo is wearing a sexy subtext, it can you to compromise. Therefore, if you decide to do this, keep your face and not opposites too openly.

Advice 2 : How to make a new nick

To attract on your page in the social network a lot of visitors, or to Express themselves on the forum, you can use a bold avatar or loud nick. Skillfully selected, these attributes can Express your attitude to the world, without your participation they will tell virtual abusednickm about what you are as a person. Using programs to generate aliases may make a new nick memorable and original.
How to make a new nick
You will need
  • - computer or laptop;
  • - the Internet.
Get creative and enter the network name yourself. To change the alias on a forum or social network, do not need to register another account, you can edit personal data in personal account.
Make a new nickname derived from the first name, last name, or combinations thereof. Use a combination of letters and symbols to highlight your network name from the friends list. Try using nick describe himself or, conversely, make the alias a neutral mask.
By registering on a popular forum, use the generator of nicknames, if your usual alias is already taken by another user. To do this, use the search tool to find programs, allow a few seconds to make a new nick.
Enter, if required, gender, the desired first letter of the alias, the number of letters in the word. Click on the "OK" and get a new nick. If you are not satisfied, repeat the operation until, until you find a suitable nickname.
There are programs to generate nicknames that are completely automatically give aliases. Just select the length and number of words in their names. Press the "start" button until then, until you're satisfied with the result.
Choose one of the aliases. This method create a new nick allows you to choose more or less meaningful alias. Besides some nicks decorated with symbols that will allow you to amaze your friends by social network.
All you need to do when you click finish nick on the corresponding website is to choose between a pseudonym for men and women. Copy the new nick. Open the profile editing page and paste it in the field name or login. Confirm saving changes.

Advice 3 : What is voice in Vkontakte

Many users of the site "Vkontakte" have long appreciated the benefits of this popular resource that allows you to chat and exchange information, as well as interesting to spend time. Variety of video and audio recordings, games and applications already familiar to all, but what a voice and what they do, have heard a few. Voice is a kind of currency of the site "Vkontakte". Thanks to them you can make your stay in this social network more interesting. What are the benefits they provide and how to obtain them?
What is voice in Vkontakte

Thanks to the votes you can raise the rating for yourself and friends, giving them gifts, post ads advertising, and for more possibilities in different applications.

The rating on a social network "Vkontakte" in the search determines the sequence of removing the members of the site. In addition, the rating depends on the position in the meetings and groups in the friends list. The rating changes via the voting members for each other.

Voices can be given for each or any user. The rating of the person you gave your voice increases, and this user in the friends list will rise to a higher level. When you vote for someone you can attach a message (e.g., greeting).

Gifts — a variety of beautiful images that will be on the page receiving person. In addition, voice can be used in a variety of games that are present on the site "Vkontakte". With votes you can also post ads. The number of votes you want to give (spend), can be any. At the same time, free them to get quite difficult.

Paid voice

To vote much easier, and this can be done in various ways: via SMS, via payment systems, payment terminals and Bank card. Choose the most convenient method of payment by using the "add funds" tab in the "Receiving votes" —

In the first place this page is the tab "Receiving votes via SMS". It is the most convenient and popular payment method for most users of social network "Vkontakte". To vote, click on "proceed to payment", enter the mobile phone number, then select the desired number of votes. To your number will receive a message with a confirmation code. If you are using SMS you can get from 3 to 20 votes.

Another common method is payment via payment terminals. In the tab "payment Terminals" in the section "balance Replenishment" you can find your page number. On the terminal, select the following: "Payment for services" -> "Other services" -> "Vkontakte". Then specify the number of your pages and type the money. The cost of a single vote - 7 rubles.


The expression "free" is rather conditional, since these methods require a certain impact from the user.

1. You can ask your friends, so they voted for you, it is free for you. If you want to translate voices into the account of a friend or another user of "Vkontakte", one of the best in your personal account. For security, you need to enter the verification code translation, which will be sent to your mobile phone. A day the other can take up to 100 votes.

2. You can win in the app, you'll play the same voice, because initially they have to send. Note that the website administration prohibits the withdrawal of the votes of the apps, so use the voice you can only in these applications.

3. In some cases in groups on specific topics held shares, for example, the competition for the best poem, graffiti drawing, etc. as a prize, the winner may be awarded votes.

It is important to know that various programs to improve rankings and getting free votes are used by fraudsters to gain access to your page in social network "Vkontakte". As a result, you may lose access to your account. The virus program may ask you to send an SMS to log on to the site "Vkontakte" or send a message to a nonexistent boat." As a result, many people become victims of the pyramid lose their money. Therefore, you should exercise caution and not to buy votes risky ways.

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