The annual festival Kazantip

The annual festival Kazantip - the action unfolding under the open sky. Around a sea, beach sand and a huge crowd of people. Most of these young people, who are fond of club culture and music. The festival lasts three weeks, it has a large number of speakers and various electronic music.

According to many witnesses, the atmosphere at the festival unforgettable. Professional DJs never come off from the remote, the music sounds almost around the clock.
Kazantip leaves indelible impressions held on sea days and nights. The main thing that was good weather. People who visited the festival Kazantip, called it "a Country of eternal summer".

It is worth noting that this festival is not very suitable for a relaxing family holiday. This is a very intense and active event, requiring from its members a full commitment.

Not every young person, even a lover, able to withstand the constant pressure of the three-week impact on your eardrums. But at Kazantip meet, communicate with new people and find love with many people from different countries.
If you want to relax and soul and body, at Kazantip to make it simple.

However, admission is not free. Kazantip during its existence has gained the status of a state, although in a figurative sense. The invention of the administration after the event is over. It was developed by the Constitution of the Republic of Kazantip, where it is said that for getting the number of parties required to have a visa. Translated into everyday language this means that you need to purchase a ticket.

How to get to Kazantip

The Cape Kazantip is in Ukraine on the Azov sea and is part of the Crimea Peninsula. Therefore, in order to get to Kazantip, buy a ticket to Simferopol. Between Ukraine and the Russian Federation a visa-free regime, and therefore to be in possession of a passport does not necessarily.

Upon arrival to Simferopol you will need to reach a peace settlement, and from there drive to the village of Popovka. This village the past few years is the capital of the Republic of Kazantip.

A wonderful holiday is as important as good work. If you are an energetic and active person who is looking for unforgettable impressions and new adventures, your path must lie in the direction of Kazantip.