Temperature hemorrhoids

The increase in body temperature occurs, if the site of inflammation started to develop suppurative and infectious processes. Such processes can be perianal abscess or abscess – inflammation of the anal glands, extending to the rectum surrounding tissue. The main causes of these inflammations is the reproduction of Streptococcus, Staphylococcus and E. coli that inhibit healthy intestinal flora against the background of reduced immunity.

Today often the causative agent of the abscess becomes the tubercle Bacillus, greatly weaken the body.

With a sharp rise in temperature associated with inflammation in the rectum, you should immediately consult a doctor. If the abdomen began to swell, penetration of pus into the sterile abdominal cavity through the formed ulcer. In this case, emergency surgery is needed. Being late to the doctor may lead to the development of putrefactive and anaerobic infections caused by intoxication of the patient and drastically worsen his condition.

First aid for abscess

Usually doctors with this diagnosis prescribe intensive antibiotic therapy, local treatment of the inflamed site, as well as excision of the ill parts of the rectum. If the problem is not running and the inflammation has just begun, you can help taking the sitz bath salt that helps to stand out pus from the glands. To prepare the bath, fill the basin five liters of boiled water and dissolve in a glass a spoonful of plain or sea salt, with the addition of tablespoons of baking soda.

Be sure to strain the solution through cheesecloth a few times to grains of salt did not get into the gut and caused her burn.

Mix the solution and pour it into a bowl. Take the tank and stay there for at least ten minutes. The procedure should be done daily for fifteen days. You can also Supplement complex therapy the sitz bath with mummy – dissolve ten tablets in a glass of water and pour the solution in five liters of warm boiled water. Take a bath should be the same way with salt – at least two weeks. Bath with Shilajit will help to relieve discomfort and inflammation in acute or chronic abscess.

If the pain and temperature do not go away, consult a proctologist who will adequately assess the state of the rectum and prescribe the correct and effective treatment with antibiotics and debridement.