South Korean scientists have come up with a treatment alloy, by sintering of powder mountain and volcanic rock minerals. The main components of steel, tourmaline, germanium and elvan. Alloy called turmani. Without any coating, this turgenieva ceramics has an incredibly smooth and shiny surface. When heated turmani begins to emit useful to humans range from the far infrared rays, negative ions and creates a magnetic field similar to earth's magnetic field. All these useful properties have specially designed instruments covered tomaniivi ceramics.
Doctors observed that many patient using products with tourmanium coating decrease harmful cholesterol and blood sugar.

The therapeutic effect

Living in high rise buildings, a little walking in the nature and surrounding himself with many appliances, people moved away from what used to his ancestors, and without which it can not be a living organism on earth is a natural earth's magnetic field. To return this field can turgenieva ceramics. Tormanovich falling asleep on the mats, people have noticed as headaches, insomnia, improves sleep quality, relieves nervous tension. People really ceases to be sensitive to the weather.
The benefits of far infrared spectrum doctors have studied for a long time. Koreans used to treat ailments radiant heat from ceramic tiles and clay walls. They invented Underfloor heating with ceramics. Now for the treatment you can use turmani. The infrared spectrum, penetrating deeply into tissue and organs, burns in the body excess fat, stimulates the metabolism, helps your body free from impurities and to saturate the cells with liquid. People can easily get rid of viral and bacterial infections when you use tormanovich devices.
Anion therapy invented by Japanese doctors, is an antioxidant effects on the human body. Negatively charged particles turmaniya purify the blood, restore damaged human cells, as well as clean the air in the room.
The elements in tomaniivi ceramics are also very useful. It is noticed that tourmaline gives strength and elvan protects against cancer.
With tourmanium coating are made mats, massagers, knee pads, headrests, and used to make beads, pendants and bracelets.


Use turmani for the treatment can not all. It is contraindicated in carriers of implants, pacemakers, suffering from tumors or osteoporosis, pregnant with a period over 20 weeks. People with open wounds, fractures, fevers, elevated temperature it is also better not to apply.