Treatment of diabetic ulcers with Thistle

For this popular method, you need dried leaves of the Thistle (camel thorn). Mash them in a mortar to flour, and sift it through a sieve. Herbal pour the flour in a glass jar with a lid and place in a dark and cool place. Drugstore rivanol treat leg ulcers before bedtime, then sprinkle the powder from camel thorns, bandage. In the morning remove the bandage and again sprinkle on the wound of herbal flour. Sores will soon begin to dry and crusty, in a short time the sores will disappear.
Wash your feet every day, gently wipe off with a soft towel, avoid rubbing. Don't forget the interdigital spaces. Do not expose extremities to exposure to extremely high or low temperatures.

Honey is an effective treatment for diabetic ulcers

This bee product is able to cure many different diseases, including diabetic leg ulcers. Honey has unique properties, it accelerates the process of healing time, improved circulation in the blood vessels. To treat diabetic ulcers on the lower extremities take fifty grams of eucalyptus leaves, chop and pour half Cup of boiling water. Put in a water bath, boil for fifteen minutes on low heat. Allow broth to cool, then add a couple of tablespoons of natural honey and mix well. The prepared medium can be used as a lotion for the affected areas of the feet or take a bath for the lower limbs.
Immediately give up Smoking. This bad habit increases the risk of amputation in two or three times.

Advice from experienced surgeons

It is not recommended to treat diabetic ulcers of different ointments, as they only clog the wound. Purification does not occur, and infection spreads rapidly throughout the foot. In the end, it ends with elephantiasis or erysipelatous inflammation. Should we treat ulcers of antiseptics. Rinse the wound with warm water and use soap, then apply antiseptic and bandage the leg. Such dressings should be alternated with applications of a solution of sodium or sea salt (tablespoon of salt per liter of water). Fold in four layers of cheesecloth and soak in salt water, a little squeeze and apply to the sores, have to go on top compress paper. Keep for three hours. Repeat the procedure daily. The time between applications should be three to four hours, the sores during this period, keep open. Soon they will begin to shrink in size, the edges turns pink. In addition to salt lotions for blood flow required light tissue massage.