Advice 1: What models of skirts and dresses are suitable for wide thighs

Girls of any body type want to look sexy and beautiful. To attract attention and show your good taste and style helps clothes selected with the features of the silhouette. Knowing "your" stuff, you can easily create an attractive image.
What models of skirts and dresses are suitable for wide thighs

Dresses and skirts for wide hips: nuances cut and finish

Girls with wide hips easily attract the attention of men. Look sexy, what causes considerable interest among the opposite sex. To build on this success, choose skirts and dresses the most suitable for the shape of the cut.

Pay attention to skirts trapezoidal shape. Such a model is unnecessary hide completeness and emphasize your femininity. It is better if the skirt will be knee length or slightly below. Refrain from mini: this style only will add extra volume.

Also the owners of broad hips stylists recommend to choose narrower skirts. Attention today's popular model with a high waist. This skirt can fit your figure and be just above the knees, but the cut will conceal the extra inches and not to add them.
Girls with wide hips should not be afraid of skirts-pencils. This model perfectly accentuate the silhouette, focusing on the most spectacular part of the body. Top please choose a boxy cut.

Edgy work and in the smell. This rule goes for dresses and skirts. This cut is especially typical for summer things: they are not so hot. Smell visually adjust the width of the hips, giving them a more elegant look.

Choosing a dress, pay attention to models where there is no emphasis on the waist. So you will avoid excessive dissonance, and thighs will look more proportionate figure. An excellent model will be the outfit, flared towards the bottom.

To adjust wide hips will help you with details on skirts and dresses. To effectively "work" in fashion today, stripes or colored side panels. For dresses a great option – vertical closure, stand out from the background (colored buttons, zipper). This is especially true for models shirt cut.

Wide hips: beware of the bugs

Choosing the right-looking model of skirt or dress, pay attention to the nuances that can ruin a spectacular way. For example, the bottom should not contain any large graphics or prints (polka dots, flowers, etc.). This will visually extend your thighs, even if the model is perfect for this type of figure.
Choosing a skirt or dress, pay attention to stars with wide hips. A good example can be Anfisa Chekhova, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Beyonce.

Discard bulky, massive fabrics. Velvet, corduroy, boucle will add inches to the hips, making them wider than it really is. The bottom should be concise, simple, not to have drapery and pockets.

Learn how to "play" their own way. Try to shift the focus from hips to the upper body using plunging neckline and asymmetric cut. Do not wear massive bracelets, watches, rings – with lowered arms thighs will look bigger.

Advice 2: How to make wide hips

Modern women pay special attention to the hips and stomach, trying to keep them in perfect shape and as the need to reduce their volume. If you are dissatisfied with their narrow hips and don't know how better to deal with them, start them hard to strain. Then the muscle mass will increase, and due to this, the hips will become wider. In addition, you will improve their condition and improve the texture and even the stomach. Perform the following exercises to strengthen the hips and make them wider.
Exercise daily to your narrow hips become stronger and wider
Foot. Stand beside the chair, turn to the back of the chair with his left side. Next, grasp her left hand, in order to facilitate the exercise first. Perform a strong right leg swings forward, upward and to the left. Put a sock on the seat. This exercise repeat 10 times, then change legs and do the same with her and is also 10 times. Careful breathing was even, try as much as possible to load the muscles of the thighs. To do this, follow the swings of wide amplitude.
On queue, the transfer feet. Sit on the floor, bend your knees, pull your feet closer to your hips. Press your palms into the floor behind you. Slowly move from this position to the left and to the right your knees, trying to touch the floor. Repeat the exercise 15-20 times.
The following exercise strain not only the muscles of the thighs, but and stomach. Sit on Mat, legs straighten at the knees, hands pull up, pinch shoulder blades together, and raise your head. Start to move forward from this position: first, pull your right hand with your right foot slight movement from the hip, then do the same with the left hand and left foot. So move forward about 2-3 m on the first day, increasing every day the distance of a few centimeters.
"Polymastic". Lie on your back, extend along the body hands, hands hold them tight to your hips. First, pull your knees up. Feet from the floor keep your. Based on the feet and the head, lift your hips up. Strongly tighten your glutes, hands in the initial position. The head to the trunk must be knee-level. Lower the hips, then straighten your legs. Breathe smoothly. This exercise should be repeated 10-15 times. It strengthens the thigh and especially the buttock muscles.
Exercise "Cradle". Sit on the floor, put your hands near the hips. Further severely strain the abdominal muscles. Then tilt to the back (position of your feet while not changing). Feet should be placed to the torso at a right angle. Return to starting position. So swing 15-20 times. This exercise helps strengthen the abdominal muscles.

Advice 3: The subtleties of wearing Maxi skirts

Recently, significantly increased the popularity of the Maxi skirts. These skirts make a woman feminine and help to create a palette of various sets for each day. Therefore, in order to look truly stylish, you need to know several principles of wearing such skirts.
The subtleties of wearing Maxi skirts

Maxi skirts suit tall girls, or average height. The girl, whose below-average growth, it is better to choose a skirt to the knees or on a palm above. Women with "triangle", that is, narrow shoulders and wide hips, these skirts will help to create a balance figure.

If we talk about what clothing goes well with a Maxi skirt, that is some classic rules of the selection set. For example, for color skirts with patterns is to choose neutral clothing and Vice versa. The same can be said about the splendor of the skirt: lush suitable top that will fit. If to speak about concrete examples, it is most likely a Maxi skirt worn with a leather jacket or cardigan. For outlets a day it is preferable to choose wedges or flats, and in the evening, well-suited high-heeled shoes.

Of course, these rules are not mandatory. Some of them are easily broken, thus look flawless. It needs to be clearly confident that things will look harmonious and natural. If this is not certain, it is better not to risk and to turn to professionals for advice. To do this, here are a few interesting variations.

One of the simplest options is a classic shirt or feminine blouse complete with belt, and shirt you can tuck in and let out. You can also choose from jeans jacket or leather jacket. If we speak about shoes, then the unusual look of the shoes low shoes or ankle boots.

Examples of images:

1. Delicate and airy look of the ballerina includes a pleated skirt, a plain top or a fitted shirt and ballet flats.

2. Option which involves light, feminine shirt and closed shoes.

3. The image includes a wild mix of masculinity and femininity: in this case chosen is a voluminous sweatshirt, mens shirt in a large cage and chucks or boots. For tonight you can try to replace evening Maxi dress-skirt and top.

These ideas will help you to properly wear a Maxi skirt and will be a launching pad for your own extraordinary images.

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