There are a number of rules of the compilation of the wardrobe, through which any doughnut will feel pretty damn well.

The first rule is color scheme. Top need to pick up in cool tones, and the bottom is on the contrary, in the warm. The color of the whole kit should be close by to the combination of tones, a tone - on-tone. A good solution clothes with narrow or average width and a vertical stripe pattern. Strip perfectly elongates the silhouette, allowing you to visually make the figure slimmer.

The most advantageous dye for curvy ladies – Burgundy, emerald, cranberry, orange, Navy blue. The color black certainly is slimming, but also adds significantly in age, it is especially contraindicated for ladies with pale skin.

The second rule is shapewear and tights. Correctly chosen underwear allows you to hide the tummy and make hips slimmer. Modern lingerie models comfortable and functional choice for every taste and budget.

The third rule, this style of clothing. The emphasis is to place depending on what you want to emphasize. The lucky owners of magnificent bust, you should pay attention to models with the angled neck, but you should respect the limits of decency and not to wear clothes with too deep neckline. Full hips perfectly hide the pants or flared skirts.

And finally, last but not least is the accessories. With the help of accessories you can hide the full neck, to draw attention to the breast, visually lengthen the silhouette. Following these simple rules, the woman with the forms may look bright, fashionable and beneficial to emphasize the dignity of the figure.