Description of chanterelles and useful properties

Its funny the name of these mushrooms was obtained for the yellow-orange color reminiscent of a Fox skin. Thanks to him, the foxes from afar can be seen in the forest, to gather them for a real treat, especially since, as a rule, and they grow in groups.

This is one of the most valuable and useful in the food against fungi, almost not inferior in its qualities to the forest king white fungus. His color he is obliged to high content of vegetal analog of vitamin A – carotene. If you collected them, might have noticed that the worms bypass the chanterelles party and even old, they are never "bitten". The fact that chanterelles have a particularly substance – henomenon, it is detrimental to different kinds of parasites, as damaging to postpone their eggs, giving develop. This substance is included antigelmintnyj drugs.
Unlike other mushrooms, chanterelles do not accumulate radioactive substances, on the contrary, the use of chanterelles helps eliminate hazardous, including radioactive, substances from the body.

The mushroom also contains ergosterol, affecting the liver enzymes, therefore extract from these mushrooms are used in medicine for its cleansing and liver diseases, particularly hepatitis. Due to the high content of essential amino acids and minerals, eating spinach helps to improve vision, and included in their content of antibiotic substances inhibit growth of tubercle bacilli, help with angina. Externally the powder of dried chanterelles have been used to treat abscesses and boils.
It turned out that chanterelles have anticancer and immunostimulatory effects on the body.

How to cook chanterelles

Many useful properties of these mushrooms harmful heat treatment! Many active substances contained in them, when heated to 60oC just destroyed. If salt chanterelles cold way, is the destructive impact of salt. So, if you want to use chanterelles for medicinal purposes, they should be dry in its raw form and crushed into powder that can be used both topically and internally, as a tincture.

Food chanterelles can not pre-boil, changing the water, because they have no poisonous substances. Like mushrooms, before cooking chanterelles is enough to wash and clean, cut off the tip of the legs. Large specimens can be cut in half. To prepare the soup, put them in boiling water and simmer for 20 minutes, then add the remaining ingredients. If you want to fry the chanterelles, add water to the pan and put into it the mushrooms, sauté them until the water has evaporated, then add oil, onion and sauté. For pickling hot enough to boil them in brine for 20 minutes, and then spread out along the banks, peppered with garlic and dill, pour the same brine in which they were boiled.