Contact your endocrinologist and ask them to write you a prescription. If you have identified obesity, the doctor can easily make the necessary appointments. But before applying you will need to undergo routine inspection tests to identify possible contraindications.
With the prescription go to the pharmacy. The pharmacist will sell you your desired product. Is "useless" on average inexpensive, but the price may vary and depend on the specific manufacturer.
If you don't have a recipe, but buy the medicine you want, walk around different pharmacy networks. It is possible that one of them will sell you cherished capsules. But remember, you definitely run the risk of taking a potent means without a prescription.
Drink the remedy once a day the dose that you are told by the endocrinologist. Usually need to take one capsule in the dose of 10 mg, but if you can't tolerate the drug, at a dose of 5 mg. Gradually you can increase the dosage to 15 mg for the reception, but it is only on the recommendation of a specialist.
If you have any side effects such as intense nausea, headache, insomnia, anxiety and other immediately stop taking "Reduxine" and consult your doctor. It is possible that you will appoint another analogue of the same drug: "Meridia" or "Lindaxa". It contains the same active ingredient "Sibutramine".