Why husband not listening to wife?

In the study of this question raises another: whether the obligation of the husband to listen his wife. Maybe Vice versa, the wife should obey her husband? Because the husband is the head of the family.

In some cases, saying that the husband should obey the wife is wrong. The wife herself must ensure that the husband began to respect her, and, accordingly, to listen to her opinion, and try to solve their family issues with her. After all, judge for yourself, you will never listen to the opinion of the person who to you is not important or simply does not cause your respect, that is, has no credibility. If the wife day in and day shows his stupidity and can't anything be helpful to your husband, of course, the husband begins to neglect her advice, considering them pointless. In such cases, the husband will always be around to contradict his wife. He instinctively starts to contradict all the allegations of his legal wife and will do the opposite.

What wife, and husband

Almost everything in the house from his wife. Sometimes you have to reeducate your men, and many of them have such quality that you never would have guessed, and it is not even about the bad traits of his character. For example, before the wedding, my husband always said that to do women's chores, he is not going because it's humiliating. And suddenly after the wedding, the next feast, the husband got up and washed all the dishes or cleaned the house. This action is quite normal. Do not think that you will now be able to command husband. He just helped you to fulfill your responsibilities.

Often women want to show the people how they raise their husbands in order to raise its dignity and authority. But it is not. The more the wife shows that she has influence on her husband, the more humiliating it, and the moment will come when it all will get bored and he will no longer listen to wife and do not reckon with its opinion. Simply show your beloved your true wisdom in the advice, and he will feel that he has a need for you.

What are you trying to change your husband, no one should know except you, not even your husband. Better he thinks that everything he does comes only from his own ideas and concepts, not according to your instruction. Men are the stronger sex, and they will never allow to be told and controlled. However, keep in mind the proverb: the husband is the head and the wife is the neck (where I want to go and turn the head).

If your husband does not listen to you, look for yourself, maybe you have something wrong doing. Will never be able to achieve success with scandals and misunderstandings. Make your husband feel how you need him, just don't show off like that. Be gentle, quiet, peaceful, wise, kind, and just then your husband will be attracted to you, and I want to make you something nice.