Fans of theatrical Ekaterinburg is ready to open the doors 24 theatres. Sverdlovsk state academic musical Comedy theatre is located in the centre of the city. Tickets can be booked and bought directly at the theatre's website, but this option is only available 30 days after registration on the website. In the theater, two halls: the main and new. The main hall keeps the secrets and the atmosphere of the theatre since its Foundation, new hall involves viewing performances in a setting close to home – can be located at a table and drinks during the performance. The theatre provides entertaining performances for children and adults, "Fucking a virgin", "the Merry widow", "Satori, "the adventures of Pinocchio", "the Secret of Courage", "the Fly-Tsokotuha".
The Yekaterinburg state academic Opera and ballet theatre is in the city centre, near musical Comedy theatre. The theater building is one of the most beautiful in the city, is a small replica of the Bolshoi theatre in Moscow. The theatre is over 100 years old. In plays attended by both adults and young artists – the children. The repertoire of classical and modern performances: "Swan lake", "Prince Igor", "Katya and the Prince of Siam."
Children's theatre of ballet "the Nutcracker" is a unique theater in the city. Architecture is like a little fairytale castle. All the performances are executed solely by the children, attended by children from 4 to 16 years. The theatre is a charming, colorful tale-ballet on the stage – "puss in boots", "Cinderella", as well as on the stage of theatre of Opera and ballet "Thumbelina", "Chippolino" and others. The theatre is home to South bus station.
Music lovers in Yekaterinburg will have the opportunity to enjoy live organ music. Vintage German organ of the firm W. Sauer was installed in the Sverdlovsk state academic Philharmonic in 1973 Daily in the halls of the Philharmonic concerts of classical music, performed arias and romances.
For guests who will visit Ekaterinburg in winter, from late December to late January on the main square of the city shines multicolored ice town. Ice sculpture on fairy tale themes, slides, mazes, festive beautiful Christmas tree is an annual Christmas decoration of the city. Ice town is a favourite place of entertainment of the townspeople during the winter days.
The circus has unusual architecture, such buildings are not found anywhere else. The building has openwork as if cut from paper white dome. In the circus atmosphere of the eternal feast and fun. A colourful programme with the participation of circus artists from all over the world succeed one another: water performances, festivals of clowns, the show on ice!
Ekaterinburg is located on the border of two continents – Europe and Asia. Every guest of Yekaterinburg to attend the obelisk "Europe-Asia" near Pervouralsk and stand on the border parts of the world.
To explore the city's interesting places are Plotinka and vainera str. Plotinka is the embankment of the Iset river. The dam was built almost 300 years ago from larch that has survived to the present time. On Plotinka walk, get acquainted, fall in love, ride on rollers, bicycles, relax in a cafe. Vaynera street is a pedestrian street, close to Plotinka. It's equipped with cast-iron benches, beautiful lanterns on the pillars is included. The street is adorned with various sculptures, flower beds. Old mansions tolerate bystanders in the last century.
Visiting the major sights of Ekaterinburg, finally, it is interesting to see Ekaterinburg from height of bird's flight. This can be done from the observation deck of business center "Visotsky" (Malysheva street, 51). The skyscraper has 54 floors, its height is about 190 meters. Entrance to the observation deck paid. In cold or windy weather, you can visit one of the restaurants, the business centre, located on the 51 floor: it offers a magnificent view of the city, it's warm and cozy.