Advice 1: Where to go with the girl in Yekaterinburg

Yekaterinburg is rich in beautiful places and attractions where you can go with your favorite girl. Wish that she remembered and loved spending time together. Therefore, your date should be fun and exciting, but choose a place is sometimes not so easy.
Where to go with the girl in Yekaterinburg
Invite your girlfriend to the arboretum, which is open in Yekaterinburg even since 1948 and continues to impress with its beauty and splendor of greenery. Among the exhibits, the Park contains more than three hundred different species of trees and shrubs. In the rose garden grow over eighty varieties of roses. In a heated room you can see the most exotic species of plants from South America, Africa and Asia. From the merciless heat you can hide under the tree branches with his beloved. The Park has hedges in geometric shapes, works great fountain which adorns the centre of the green zone. The fountain will delight you with its freshness and splashing in the heat. Nearby you can see the famous lovers ' bench, which is made in the shape of a heart. This place gives lovers the rush of romantic feelings, you'll want to stay here for a passionate kiss.The most beautiful creatures on earth is a butterfly, they fly amazing, it attracts and fascinates the gaze. Butterflies like animated flowers striking colors and whimsical form. Be sure to invite your beloved in the "butterfly Park", here is a collection of the fauna and flora of the tropical latitudes.Staying here you will forget about your problems and will be transported to a Paradise of nature. The abundance of tropical plants and the sound of water and colorful world of butterflies will give you joy and unforgettable emotions. In the Park you can take pictures, which you later put in a frame, and will remember the happy moments spent with his girlfriend.Impressive and the main advantage of this exhibition – possibility to trace the entire life cycle of a butterfly, from birth to extinction. You will see how butterflies emerge from cocoons and spread their colorful wings, and then fly to light. So begins a colorful, but short life of this wonderful creature. After all, its main goal is to find my soul mate and to produce offspring.You can then go to the exciting place is the water Park "Limpopo", conveniently located near shopping and entertainment center. This water Park is a unique building number of water attractions and its size. The most famous attractions and so loved by all: the Orange river, snake, Waterfall and zero-Hitotsuba. The structure of the water Park includes a number of baths and swimming pools, relaxation areas and spas, restaurants and bars where you can eat and relax.

Advice 2: Where to go with a girl in Novosibirsk

Wishing to make out with a girl in Novosibirsk interesting to choose from. On a clear Sunny day you can have a great time under the open sky, if the weather is not favourable - warm up in cafe or leave the theater. At night open a large number of clubs.
Where to go with a girl in Novosibirsk
Meeting a girl at a fountain will not only make the date romantic, but a nice refreshing dip on a warm day. Beautiful musical fountain is open from may to September at the globe theatre. In the evening it is illuminated with colored lights that fade and light up to the beat of the music. By the way, a walk by illuminated musical fountain can be combined with a trip to the theater. His repertoire is quite diverse, there are a lot of modern youth plays. The waterfront of the river Ob jet fountain beating directly from the surface of the river. Dusk is a masterpiece of engineering art is also highlighted. On the waterfront you can also ride on the rollers. Another musical fountain at the town's public library not far from the subway.It is possible to invite a girl to the theater. One of the most popular youth theatres. Afanasyeva. On the stage pose unique modern pieces. For lovers of the classics open the doors of the Opera and ballet Theater, "Red Torch", the Musical Comedy theatre, which is located in the wonderful Central Park with rides. Modern plays are successfully staged in the theatres of the "Left coast" and "Old house".A great idea to go with a girl in Novosibirsk circus. The troupe of the city gives a vivid, memorable performance. In addition to her circus come with touring artists from different countries and former Soviet republics. Novosibirsk is situated on both banks of the Ob river. From the city centre by metro you can get to the left coast. The trip across the river will be a unique bridge underground, the weight of which is equal to the weight of the Eiffel tower in Paris. On the left Bank opened amusement Park "Bend".Go girl can be in the Novosibirsk zoo, which after reconstruction became even better. In the Zoological Park grow pine, spruce, maples and oaks because it is located in the Botanical garden. Here you can see and representatives of the African fauna, and animals from the North, and many birds and reptiles.Nightlife is very diverse. For lovers of the night partying clubs open Winners, ,Hippo, Rock City. In the latter is not rare musical performances by rock, raggy and jazz bands who come on tour from across the country. Clubs FIRST, "anti-Glamour" Alpen Grotte and Contemporary suit striking a disco party and incendiary contests. Unique club "Pipe" in addition to musical performances holds interesting theme parties.

Advice 3: Where to go with the girl in Minsk

In Minsk many places, visiting which is both educational and romantic character. The surrounding city is a wonderful place for walking and exploring its history, museums are located on these beautiful streets that it's hard to deny yourself, to work through them. In the evening and night in Minsk there are many clubs that are waiting for lovers of diverse music.
Where to go with the girl in Minsk
Lovely stay - a walk in Minsk, it will help to get acquainted with the city, to capture its spirit. While walking there is a great possibility to become the participant of the festival, of which the city is countless. Music festival, vegetables or beekeeping are just a few of them.Biosphere Reserve, the Berezina in the outskirts of Minsk mesmerizing beauty of the Belarusian nature. Walk in the woods, to breathe to dizziness fresh air, listen to the birds singing - what else you need to create a romantic atmosphere Dating.Visit the Botanical garden of Academy of Sciences of Belarus is one of the exciting activities in the fresh air. Surrounded by rare flowers, shrubs and trees the date goes great.In Minsk there are many museums, a visit which helps to make the evening fun and memorable. It is possible to invite a girl to the Minsk Museum of modern art, the national Museum of the Republic of Belarus and Museum of Vankovichi. Versatile installation surprise even the most inveterate of visitors to museums.Stay at the Minsk sea will be remembered for his carelessness. On the beach you can take part in sports or simply soak up the rays of the sun.Drive to the Village of Smolyany is not only a country picnic and a walk, and of the history of Belarus. Majestic buildings, churches create surround this place with nothing comparable to the spirit of antiquity.If the picnic is outdoors does not appeal, you can invite a girl to one of the many cafes or restaurants of Minsk. Here you can taste national cuisine and classic European or exotic.Lovers of the night partying await the clubs of Minsk. Dankoff Club, Fabrique,Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels and other establishments pleasing variety of music and performances exciting show. You can visit the Forest billiard Hall and sauna High Fligh. Club life Minsk does not abate until the morning, and during the holidays the night sky is decorated with fantastically beautiful fireworks.
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