"Yandex.Money": the modern world - the modern system

The Service "Yandex.Money" began its work in 2002 based on gaining popularity in Russia PayCash technology. Adapting to the rapid pace of social development, a decade of hard work the system "Yandex.Money" is brought almost to perfection. When using e-wallet into account the necessary security measures and ease of use for both businesses and individuals.

The advantages of the service "Yandex.Money"

Accessibility - the design of the wallet can be done at any convenient time, the system has a user accessible interface.

Security - access to the purse is only possible through a password.

Binding phone number to the purse "Yandex" increases the level of security. The service is free, but very convenient, because only you will know the one-time password to confirm the operation.

Convenience - having a credit card, e-wallet easily attached to the card number, allowing the owner to manage their funds from the comfort of home.
To order a card "Yandex.The money" will need to pass through a small vetting procedure, it's best to do this in "Euroset". It will cost 100 rubles. Also provides other methods described in the personal account.

Payment services via Internet - this function provides a distinct advantage, eliminating completely filling out paper receipts, reduce the waste of time and, of course, still providing a high level of security.

Transfer money to the same wallets to pay for orders in online stores, cosmetic companies, as well as for payment/receipt of money for remote work.

Keeping funds in the wallet "Yandex.The money" provides maximum security, however, the creators recommend in this case to make a full check of the wallet using the client's passport data.

The maximum amount available for storage in a purse "Yandex"

Previously, the amount of money that the owner of the wallet had the right to store or put into circulation, was not spelled out. However, since October last year entered into force the law on "National payment system", somewhat limiting the possibilities of physical and legal persons owning a Internet-purse.

At the moment spelled out the following conditions necessary to run: for individuals, the maximum amount is 15 000 rubles a one-time, maximum turnover of 40 000 rubles per month. However authorized users, provided the passport data, the sum will be increased to 100 000.

Speaking of the maximum amount of storage, the drafters did not restrict users, but most people owning a large amount of money, I prefer to give them in turn, and not to freeze. Unfortunately, the system "Yandex.Money" does not yet have the possibility of saving funds at interest, but to mention the initial task of the system, it is worth considering that it wasn't planned to work as a Bank Deposit.