This can occur if loss of employment or decline in income of the borrower. While credit debt daily accrues interest and penalties, the size of which may exceed the full amount of the loan. Complicate the situation and the debtors themselves, without telling the Bank about difficulties related to the repayment of the loan and not relying on the help of a credit institution.

The banking institutions without getting a statement from the borrower about the financial difficulties for the credit refund, sell it to debt collection Agency. The ways of "knocking out" of debts agencies are often unlawful. In this case, the debtor has to apply for legal aid in antikollektor company.

Depressant - the company or representative of the company who provide qualified legal assistance to protect the rights of borrowers to collection agencies or other agencies for collection of credit debt.

The duties of antikollektorskih companies included:

- a detailed study of the credit file of the debtor;
- maintaining dialogue with banks-creditors or collectors;
assistance of a lawyer in court or preparing documents for an appeal to the court (if the dispute between the creditor and the debtor is not allowed in pretrial order);
- working to decrease the amount of debt and lowering interest rates, and refinancing of debt, including the write off of the debt.

The tactics of the debtors with collectors, recommendations depressants

Qualified depressants will help the debtor to select the correct tactics of behavior with the creditors. Borrowers should know a few recommendations of professional lawyers and lawyers specializing in antikollektorskoy help.

• One of the main recommendations of depressants is dodging debtors from verbal agreements with creditors.
• All financial matters regarding money, should be presented in written form.
• Do not borrowers to contact with collectors by telephone or via e-mail.
• The debtor is advised to refrain from personal communication with creditors, but do not ignore the letters from the collection Agency, which contains information about the actions taken by creditors for debt repayment.

Of course, depressants will not help debtors to avoid all obligations under the loan, but they can help find tricks that will reduce penalties and interest charges on loans or delay payments.