The first thing you need to be in the apartment General cleaning, using only safe detergents to have the baby not have allergies. Wash all store locations. Animals that can also cause the child Allergy attacks, it is advisable to give time for relatives.
If you haven't bought a crib for the baby, you should do it immediately, as she is considered the first decoration of the room for the baby. Wash, carefully iron and put some beautiful baby clothes, adorn four-poster and toys that you need to wash with soap and water. Rattles boil.
Before coming home from the hospital to the heroes of the occasion, the newly-minted dad need to decorate the apartment. To this interesting case can be connected relatives and friends. Fill colorful balloons with helium, tie them with Golden ribbon and lower the ceiling. Collect the composition of the balls in the shape of a heart and attach to the wall. If you have no time to engage in such fun, you can contact a special organization. They will help to decorate the apartment a variety of forms and compositions from balloons. Your spouse will not remain indifferent to such beauty.
Draw together with your friends welcome posters, which will be discussed about how happy you are and how you've been waiting for this event. Hang posters from the street or from the hospital.
Be sure to purchase a beautiful bouquet of flowers, made of different types of plants. But not worth to keep it in a room designed for a child as pollen, infants are often allergic to.
Need to take care of that in time the porch was already a festive procession, decorated with balloons and ribbons. Driving should be a hired driver or friend, but not my dad. It needs to be near his wife and kid. Release balloons into the sky.
Celebrating the birth of the child is desirable to be postponed until more peaceful times. The first day is limited to the short-lived tea party. Since the first day of the baby home is a very exciting time, and should be treated more responsibly. Moreover, the wife's probably tired and wants some privacy with the family. Don't forget to give his wife a gift, in gratitude for the little crumbs that cozy's Napping in his crib.