What is a karambit?

According to different versions of the word "karambit" means either "tiger claws" or "cock-spur", depending on whether the inventors of this knife the inhabitants of the Malay archipelago or Sumatra. However, the most popular view is that the knife came in Malaysia, where cock fights are very popular. To enhance the effect Boytsov cocks the feet tied curved blade, and, according to legend, this was the reason for this unusual shape of the kerambit.

The crooked knife is a blade with a sharpened inner side, which continues the same curved handle. Another distinctive feature of the kerambit ring finger at the end of the handle, designed for a more confident deduction of a knife. The shape of the kerambit really looks like a claw or cock's spur. Traditionally, the knife held reverse grip so that the ring was inserted the index finger and the tip of the blade was facing outward.
The shape of the knife is well suited for domestic purposes as inturn allows you to exert less effort for cutting various pitches and surfaces.

Practical application

This grip makes the karambit is quite convenient for the application of intersecting strokes from the bottom up, and the main goal is to tendons and arteries. That is why many people buy karambit for self-defense. Most of the professionals in the knife fight I believe karambit is not the most effective melee weapon, referring to the small length of the blades (5-10 cm) and specificity of reverse grip, limiting the blast radius. However karambit is quite effective in combat with opponents, as it allows to apply a rather deep lacerations.
Kerambit are foldable and awkward. The second option is more reliable and durable, but wearing better suited folding knife.

Some martial arts styles use a karambit as a primary defense weapon. Nature strikes this knife is not much different from the usual punches, so basic training in any form of unarmed combat greatly facilitates the use of the kerambit. Not by chance the image of kerabit is present on the emblem of one of the special forces of Malaysia.

Intelligence agencies of the United States is also developing blades based on the kerambit for their units. In addition, there are larger knives, which are basically designed to keep them straight grip. In this case, the ring on the handle is inserted finger. The weapon stores you can buy a knife like this.