You will need
  • - plastic bottles;
  • bags from under the sugar or flour;
  • the Board for frame;
  • bolts M10-M12 for fastening boards.
The main material to build a makeshift raftand are plastic bottles that are very easy to accumulate currently in a fairly short period of time. When will enough empty plastic bottles, proceed to the production of waterfowl resources.
Also to build a raftand you need sacks of flour or sugar. So be careful with them. Number of bags will depend on the size of the raftand you want to build.
When the bags are accumulated, place them in plastic bottles in two layers in a vertical position. But keep in mind that for your unsinkable plastic bottles should be with the raftbut twisted tubes.
Now proceed to the production of a rigid frame of planks. To do this, tape the boards together with bolts M10-M12, which will ensure the simplicity and reliability of construction. On the basis of such a raftand can do a ferry or bridge to cross a water barrier.
Once the frame is constructed, assemble the raft. To assembled frame to attach the bags of bottles with a rope or rope in order to strengthen the assembled structure.
That's all, a raft of plastic bottles collected! Don't forget to put him on top of a sheet of plywood or other cover at your discretion. After the construction of this makeshift raftand you will soon ensure that it can safely be relied upon in any dangerous voyage.