Dress with skirt of tulle can be of different lengths, so almost every figure will look in it very well.

Short dresses with this skirt and the top of the camisole or top suitable for young girls. They can be worn with ballet flats. This style of dress is suitable for young special.

Dress "chrysanthemum" is the option that is perfect for prom! Due to the squares that are stacked diagonally on the skirt creates a whimsical ruffle.

For wedding dresses and evening dresses often use a dress with podobnym of tulle. Tulle creates a lovely cloud, the lower part of the dress falls relaxed and soft. Sometimes paired with several tiers of crinoline tulle used on the rings - outfit becomes more lush. The disadvantage of this dress is the ability to tear the tights, and not very high volume.

Evening dresses of tulle also look stylish. Slender ladies can advise style a-shape and knee length. On top of the main fabric down the layers of tulle. In order to hide wide hips, you can wear a poofy dress with a long skirt of tulle. Due to the close fitting cut and marked the top of the emphasis on the chest area or the waist, the lower part of the dress is a beautiful fountain of soft transparent material.