Condoms for anal sex

Even for anal sex requires a condom! They protect both partners from infections and other unwanted diseases. After all the anal sex inside microcracks are formed. I needed all the usual condoms, buy condoms for such special sex they are more durable.


Without lubricants don't even start to engage in anal sex! They help to minimize the risks of damage and injury, and still have the anesthetic effect, therefore, for women, this sex will be more comfortable and painless.

Anal dilators

Invite your boyfriend is a wholly owned subsidiary of men's violent emotional explosion! For ladies this anal trainer makes sex less painful. The extender is made of latex with a diameter of about two inches, you can wear them even for a week!

Anal vibrators

Even beginners can try the vibrators for anal sex! Indeed, thanks to the thin and anatomically-minded tips penetration will be comfortable, pain you will experience! The muscles of the anus due to this, relax. It is worth noting that already during the first application, many received an orgasm from anal sex.