There are General guidelines, useful when creating typographic layout of the cover and when you make a gift manuscripts of his works. First of all, certainly place on the cover the name of the book and name its author. The text on the cover and binding should be performed in large print. You can Supplement the cover also title and other data that could affect the choice of the reader. Keep in mind that the paper cover can accommodate much more data than on the cover, covered with cloth, leather or other materials.
Will include the song on the cover of the pictorial elements, including appropriate ornament, emblem, symbols that are relevant to the subject of this publication and its contents. Such insertion must be not only artistic, but functional, carrying meaning.
Use when making the cover image, which can cause the desired Association, and not just directly talking about the content. This is especially important for popular science, advocacy and outreach publications. For the artistic publication is essential the choice of the picture on the dust jacket, because it opens the entire composition, presented in the publication.
Do not try to make the cover design and binding is extremely bright and conspicuous. For a potential reader who takes the book in your hands, has a value corresponding emotional mood. If the cover design perfectly and softly blends with the artistic features of the text and illustrations, this book will want to read.
Pay attention to the design of the spine of the book. Choosing a book on a shelf or in a pile on the table, the reader sees is the root. Place on it the name of the publication and the name of the author. For multipart and serials enter on the counterfoil also the volume number, issue, and year of publication. To be attractive spine, decorated with ornaments, of course, without cluttering his excessive small details. This is especially important for serial publications, United by a common theme.
Use in the design of the cover colors. Make the cover in several matching colors. Dynamic design requires contrasting colors, for a more relaxed design will suit not too sharp combinations.
If technically possible, apply in the design of the cover embossed printing with variable relief of the binding cap. Especially well looks embossed on covers made of cloth or durable quality of paper. Homemade Deluxe edition, made in two or three copies, we can arrange cover from leather and trimmed in embossed.