Ripped a tooth in my sleep. Good or bad sign?

If you dreamed of pulling the tooth can just say that nothing positive from such a dream is not worth waiting. After all, dreams were interpreted more distant ancestors, and the loss of teeth was then a serious obstacle to a normal existence. In addition, they considered the teeth of the receptacle of life force. And currently problems with teeth gives a person considerable inconvenience. In any case, the pulled-out tooth can warn only about the negative events in the future.
It could be sickness, failure in business, a serious test or even death.

You are warned about dream interpretation?

It is no secret that there are many different dream books, containing the values of certain events that come to man in a dream. Of course, sometimes they are one and the same dream interpreted differently, so you need to study all the existing opinions.

Most dream books all agree that pulling a tooth presages a severe and protracted illness. No matter, had a tooth removed by the doctor or someone else.
In this case, it would be nice to give attention to their health, because can thus, the body signals that it is time for it to spare.

Another meaning of this dream soon severe emotional distress. May have to go through mental anguish and anxiety, a painful breakup or break all ties with you boring person. Although it can be confined to an unpleasant conversation or an unfortunate accident. It is also possible that in your environment will appear (or already appeared) foe, which intrigues. There is clearly should look to your social circle.

Torn blood tooth warns about the imminent illness of a relative. The disease can sometimes be fatal. The same outcome is possible for friends and close acquaintances, if the tooth was rotten. A young and healthy tooth can symbolize the loss of young family member, and black and old tooth – elderly.

To see the pulled-out tooth in a dream can mean financial problems or other hardships. If you gave someone in debt, it is unlikely you'll get it back. Do not expect success in all Affairs related to Finance. Pulling the tooth yourself, not only portends problems with money, but trouble at work, and these problems you will create with your own hands.

Only according to modern dream interpretation to dream yank out promises of future joy. Of course, who to believe and whether to believe the dreams in General, everyone decides for himself.