You will need
  • knowledge and skills mathematics
Often in life a situation may arise when a given approximate land area necessary to issue a simple form of the circle. For example, it can be huge flower beds on city squares and in parks. Yes, and beds are smaller in the suburban area, it is desirable to plan through geometry. No wonder the name of this science is translated as the measurement of the earth.To delineate the boundaries of a designated area, do first a simple mathematical calculation.
To do this, take the formula for area of a circle: S =πR2. Here S is the area of the circle,π is 3.14,R is the radius.To calculate the radius of a circle, convert the given formula for area of a circle, moving the symbol radius in the left part of equality. Thus, the radius will be equal to the square root extracted from the private area of a circle and the number π.R = v-s/proverite formula with a specific example. Suppose you have a stipulated area of 1,000 sq. m. Substitute in the formula a numeric value.R = v-1000 : 3.14 = v--318.47 = 17.9 m. the Radius of a circle with an area of 1000 sq. m. will be 17 m. 90 cm.
The following situation, when you know the value of the circumference of the plot.In this case, the radius count for формулеL = 2nr where L is the length of the circumference. Hence: R = L/2пПодставив numerical values, we get:R = 1000/2*3.14 = 159.2 m. That is, the radius of a circlehaving a circumference of 1000 m, will be 159 m. 20 cm.