You will need
  • - protective screens;
  • - boron;
  • - mineral fertilizers;
  • - wood ash;
  • - potassium fertilizer.
A sufficient level of watering is what you need to provide for growing seedlings. Plants must not experience lack of moisture. Tomatoes need to be watered at least 1-2 times a week.
The nutrients must get to the roots of plants. If the soil in which you planted the seedlings low in nutrients, watering the seedlings using complex mineral fertilizers not less than 1 time in two weeks. After each irrigation to thoroughly loosen soil.
The excess moisture. Unfortunately, not only the lack of moisture is the reason that the seedlings dry. Excess moisture not less harmful. The roots begin to rot and the seedling dries up. To prevent this phenomenon, in the drawers should be drainage holes, through which the excess moisture will come out.
The excess of the sun. Seedlings may dry out because of excess supply of direct sunlight. This happens most often in those Amateur gardeners who grow seedlings on window in city apartments and do not care about installing reflective screens. As a result, the seedling stretches and dries.
Foliar feeding with boron help to prevent drying of seedlings. Buy boron in a specialty store. Before use, carefully read the instructions from the manufacturer and use it on every vegetable crops according to the recommendations.
If the seedling dries and leaves rolled into a tube, perhaps your soil lacks potassium. Sprinkle box of 100 g of wood ash and pour the plants. Instead of ash, you can use a potash fertilizer without the addition of chlorine.