Interest group depends on the hosted content. So try to make it as diverse and original. At least once a day, post new information. If your group does not have a clear theme, try to spin it, making posts about travel, children, animals, famous people – it will interest the vast majority of users. However, do not write the known facts, try to tell your readers something amazing.
Important and visual component of the group. Some people won't read long text, but pay attention to the beautiful drawings or photos you posted. Place in the group a selection of pictures of beautiful places, interesting macrophoto, good portraits, drawings by contemporary artists or funny caricatures, not forgetting to indicate the authors.
The administrator in the group performs similar functions to the master of ceremonies at the wedding. He should be able to entertain existing members and attract new ones. Users themselves rarely open new threads or asking questions. All you have to do for them. Create a group of several sections, where participants could discuss their interesting nuances, make a list of the most frequent questions and answers and publish it.
Many social media users like to kill time for some simple games. Give them the opportunity to indulge in this pastime right in your group. Create a theme in which participants will be able to play in Association or open the game where the participant needs, looking at the photo of the previous person, to assume the qualities which he has, make an additional photo album, where the participants will share with each other their dreams and to spread the image-the fulfillment of desires.