Determine the theme of your club. Perhaps you and your associates bring together several interests in the same field. In order to attract new members to the Union, it is necessary to choose one direction or the maximum articulate few, to the potential audience knew exactly fits her your club or not. In addition, supervise the work of the clubbut in several areas would be difficult from an organizational point of view.
Write meeting plan club. Determine what percentage of them will be dedicated just to communication, how many master classes, some share classes may be diverted for watching movies or shows about, etc. With the opening of the cluband the plan probably will be adjusted in accordance with the needs of the participants.
Determine how many times per week and what time you will be ready. This issue is best addressed by a General vote, the result gave the majority of the members of the club.
Find a room for the collection of the club. It must meet the goals of the group (for example, to be spacious, if you collect fans of salsa, or equipped with easels, if it's club of cartoonists). It is also worth considering the interests of the majority when choosing meeting places. If your hobby can be a nuisance to others (noise, smell of paint etc.), make sure that the room was well insulated or were not next to residential apartments.
Write a list of supplies or necessary equipment, which will need to acquire new recruits to the club. One such set can be bought and used as "guest" – to give newbies a chance to try and make the decision to join the club.
Select (vote) the head of the cluband that will solve organizational problems. You can also appoint one or more curators who will conduct a group meeting. For each of the classes you can assign a new handler.
If desired, develop the attributes of your club. Create a logo and badges for attendees.