If you like to chat with children, the quality of employment in the summer time you can get a counselor at a children's camp. Usually the main set comes in a pedagogical educational institutions students which require practice. However, teacher education is not a requirement. In the Newspapers of the vacancy announcement counselor are published very rarely, so you need either to call the leaders of children camps with a proposal of his candidacy, or to periodically look at the message boards of teacher training colleges and universities.
Also it is necessary to view the career site on the Internet and ads in social networks. Note that as a counselor can be accepted only adult. The staff in the camps is carried out in the spring, so take action to find work to advance. However, in the middle of the summer period, you may receive a free place if one of the counselors got sick or had to leave camp.
Another way to get a job counselor - to join the pedagogical team. Such units exist in many universities, and they are doing just centralized training children's counselors. Rules of admission there is quite loyal to everyone, you don't even have to study at the same University. To find such groups in social networks on the Internet, or just go to the nearest educational institution and to view the schedule of sections and groups. In addition, a counselor can become through the centers of children and youth creativity dedicated to training of tourism instructors.
For the device as a counselor, of course, desirable experience of similar work. In many cities of Russia held special preparatory courses in which future counselors learn about the camp and the organization of the day, with entertainment and educational events. It is better to spend some time on self-training to your little wards, it was interesting to live in the camp. Keep in mind that a counselor is required to have a personal medical book, which is issued by the specialized medical institutions. To get it, must undergo a medical examination and pass the theoretical exam.
Do not rely on the fact that the work of the counselor is camping. First and foremost, it is a big responsibility. Be prepared to stressful situations, and almost non-normalized working day. In addition, the leader should be an example for children, so on the territory of children's camps are often prohibited Smoking, use of alcoholic beverages. On the other hand is a priceless experience that will be valuable to you in future life.