You will need
  • Schedule your fitness club, a 1 hour free consultation with the administrator at the reception
Put a training goal. If you want to lose weight, you need to attend 2-3 strength training for all muscle groups, and 2-4 aerobic lesson format without the power part. If you seek to "remove the belly", "pull side" or otherwise rebuild your problem areas, you need 2 power on all muscle groups, 1 special lesson on the problem area, and 1-3 of the lesson, aerobic format. Those who are just having fun, you can do a couple of power a week and a couple of dance lessons, aerobics, or ...anything that just like.
Choosing the power of group lessons for the entire body, keep in mind two names: "Hot Iron" and "Body Pump". It's certified power program for the entire body developed by fitness professionals. They reduce the amount of fat, and strengthen muscles. The end result is not "huge Hulk" and a slim, toned body with beautiful shapes. If such programs in your club there, look for the lessons TBW or Body Correction. On them you will do a power movement, but with a little weights and mnogopotochnoy mode.
Choosing the exercise for problem areas, remember high school English. ABL is a lesson for the press, hips and buttocks. Abs or Crunch - crunches. Sometimes the schedule can be found Upper or Lower Body, respectively, training on the "top" and "bottom" of the body. All of these lessons - aerobic-power, that is, combine the heart and the muscles in mnogopotochnoy mode. If English is not your strong point, just ask "translate" some names of the administrator at the front Desk of the club.
In the world of aerobics is dance (dance, latina, zumba), "fighting" (kickboxing, aerokick), and classic (step, aerobics) classes. At first, you'll learn simple movements and dance a small ligament on the second - to mimic the kicks and punches, and the third is to perform steps to the music or choreography ligament. Here is just to choose what you like. Any lesson of such a plan perfectly strengthens the heart and blood vessels, and burns calories.
There are still lessons directions beach body, Yoga, callanetics, Pilates, stretching - all in order to improve flexibility, and relieve stress. Callanetics and Pilates are designed to replace the power for those to whom they are not suitable for medical reasons. Well, the content of the yoga class very much depends on the instructor you choose will only practice.