If staining strands used permanent coloring paint or spray lacquer, carefully clean your hair with shampoo. The fact that applied in this case, the tool has only external influence on the hairs without damaging them from the inside, so wash it will not be easy.
Coloring shampoos and foams used for colouring the strands are considered to be semi-permanent colors. To remove this highlighting, you can only after the eighth wash.
Often used for dyeing dye-based oxidizer. The composition of these funds usually there is a 5% hydrogen peroxide. The paint penetrates deep into the hair structure. To get rid of bad color, as often as possible wash your hair (in most cases to achieve the desired result you can for 15-20 times).
Staining of the strands is carried out using permanent hair dyes on ammonium-based. A distinctive feature of these paints: painted hair quickly (within 30 minutes) and stay up to 6 months. To fix bad highlights, you can only through intensive toning hair. But don't rush: start coloring your hair only if, after highlighting it's been a few weeks.
Treated hair, nourishing treat their masks and balms (it is desirable that the composition of these funds present protein). For painting, choose a paint tint which would be 2 shades lighter than your natural color (a medium hold on the hair only half the time specified in the instructions).
Not to experiment, contact the hairdresser: it will help to get rid of bad bleaching, podlechat hair and paint their gentle paint.