You will need
  • - comb;
  • - elastic band for hair.
Comb the hair along its entire length. To weave is smooth and elastic it is important that they be clean, dry and not tangled at the ends. If necessary, use liquid silk. If the hair is performed on fluffy or curly hair, pre-treat them with a straightening iron. However, with sloppy spit out strands of hair and uneven weave can look romantic.
Gather hair in a ponytail, it's more convenient to start weaving, because of the side locks will not break out of the braids. Again go over them with a comb. Divide the hair into three equal in volume to the strands. Take extreme curls with the little finger, ring and middle fingers of the hand, the Central part of the Express pull-down on two index fingers.
Start braiding a side. For example, the first comes in the right strand. It must be placed over the Central and make the interception with my pinky, ring and index fingers. Large can be put on top of the netting for fixing the first bend. Then the same operation is repeated with the left strand.
Continue braiding a simple braid to the desired length in the described way, in turn putting extreme strands in the center. The result was taut and tight, necessary every two or three interceptions to pull the ends of the hair. If you want to create a casual and slightly disheveled braid, you can loosen the weave. Secure the hair with rubber bands.
Add KOs the volume. If your hair is fine or thin, you can create the illusion of wealth of hair with simple equipment. To do this every two to three interceptions gently pull each of the bending fingers. The weave should be still tight, and to pull the whole need not a lock, but only part of it. Try to be consistent with the volume evenly along the entire length.