Two days to see the whole country, of course, will not succeed. So set yourself a rough plan of action. To travel around the country conveniently by car. First, with Russia a visa-free regime, and you don't have to stand on the border. Second, the quality of the roads there on a European level with all necessary amenities. Just don't forget about speed limits and respect traffic rules, with this it is strictly. Plus, the car is easier to get to the main attractions and public transportation were not very developed.
In two days you can visit the most famous Belarusian castles in the towns of Nesvizh and Mir. Nesvizh is a small cozy town, and stay at the hotel is the best out there. Moreover, there is a hotel right on site, Nesvizh castle. So, you as the guests will have the opportunity to wander around the castle grounds in the evening after closing and dinner in these knightly quarters. Nesvizh castle is completely restored, restored the interior, saved a beautiful Park around it. One day to explore the castle you will be enough.
A few kilometers from Nesvizh is the town of Mir, which is famous for its castle. Mir castle Nesvizh is slightly inferior in the restoration, but only superficially. Inside all interiors are restored with painstaking accuracy, you can climb on the castle walls and imagine how the battles were fought in the middle ages, and you can go down to the dungeon – in the torture chamber. Around the Mir castle is a garden with a lake, you can visit the tomb of the owners of the castle Svyatopolk-Mirsky.
Of course, both of the castle enveloped in many legends. Nesvizh castle belonging to the princes Radziwill, shrouded in mystery about the hidden treasures and ghosts. In the Mir castle has its ghosts, but the most notorious is the pond around the castle - each year there's a drowning man. So none of the locals tries not to walk near the locks later in the evening. However, tourists except the ghosts are afraid of nobody and nothing. A very relaxing atmosphere where guests need only respect the established rules.
This little trip to the Belarusian castles will completely fit in two or three days together with the road. And most importantly, stay this very low cost: gasoline costs, as in Russia, hotels for every budget, the food delicious and inexpensive, entrance tickets to museums cheap and no queues and crowds of tourists.