Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Certainly you are constantly thinking about the fact that the work is not less, and even more than others, but still the money disappear from your wallet at supersonic speed. You might even think that it is not able to be rich, you have such a fate. These thoughts and block financial flows. Your subconscious simply does not allow you to become a wealthy man.
Stop being stingy. Greed and avarice are the main signs of a poor person. Greedy people buy poor quality items just because they announced a big discount. They seek everywhere and on everything to save money. Reasonable economy – it's not bad, but you should always remember that the avaricious pays twice. Try to buy only the things that you really need, choosing the highest quality products.
Stop doing what you don't like. If you don't like your job, change it. There's nothing worse than when a person from day to day comes in the hated office, talking with boring people, eating tasteless, but supposedly healthy food, read boring, but fashionable novel. Not life, but a series of continuous ordeal! Don't be afraid to change something in your life. Find the positive points, focus on them, and from unloved things and Affairs start slowly to get rid of.
Do not measure happiness with money. Hardly any specific amount of money will help you out of a difficult financial situation. Most likely, these funds will be spent quickly and mindlessly, and you will return to where we started. For person, need not so much. Not necessarily to celebrate payday with his family in a cafe, you can go out and find a real war snowballs or make a snowman. You will not spend a penny, and the children will long remember frosty Sunny day spent with my parents.
Don't waste your money on something you can't afford. For example, you wanted to buy a TV in the kitchen. A wealthy person will contribute from their income the required amount so to not have the end of the month to eat some pasta. The poor take a loan, acquire the desired item, and then six months or a year will repay the Bank and its cost, and the interest on the loan.
Try to use the principle of 10 percent. With each paycheck or prize give a tenth part of the money to those who need it. It doesn't have to be charitable donations to monasteries or orphanages (although if you feel that you want to help, do it). These 10 percent you can give the parents or invest in their education. Another 10 percent must be deferred. But not on a rainy day, as poor people do in the Bank at interest. For a year or two you have in the account have a substantial amount of money to spend on holidays, new furniture – in General, what you've always wanted but couldn't afford it.
Use a system of lists. On the refrigerator hang two sheets of paper and attach the handle. All members of the family in the first sheet needs to record what is urgently needed: shampoo ended, the school collected the money for the trip, you need to buy a couple of light bulbs for chandeliers. During the week you'll have quite a specific list, from which you will have to plan their spending, abandoning the superfluous, spontaneous and unnecessary purchases. The second sheet – long-term plans. It also needs to be gradually and the whole family. For example, the daughter wants to enroll in a yoga dad for the car needs winter tires, mom a new skillet or mobile phone. When you have accumulated sufficient amount of money (from the most delayed monthly 10 percent), you will need to prioritize and will have a real opportunity to satisfy the desires of all family members.
Don't compare yourself with others. Some people are quite content with domestic cars, while others fundamentally drives only foreign cars, and others – lead a healthy lifestyle and part of the way to work are on foot. Each independently makes a choice. This does not mean that someone is right and someone is not. You have your own interesting and happy way of life. So go for it and smile more often, so do all rich and successful people.