Advice 1: Where to go with kids in Vladimir

The trip along the Golden ring of Russia – fun and informative. Kids love stories guides related to historical events and heroic deeds, adults are curious to see how to change the appearance of the old cities of Russia. One of the points visit much of the city of Vladimir, where there is something to show children.
Where to go with kids in Vladimir
Vladimir Museum of nature are visited by children of all ages. The Museum tells about the nature and inhabitants of Vladimir region. In addition to tours of the local flora and fauna in the Museum you can participate in an interesting ecology lessons that teach the care of nature. Address: Vladimir, World street, d.19.
Museum center in the Vladimir-Suzdal Museum-reserve offers in the form of games to learn the history of Russia from ancient times. Some exhibits about 25000 years! The Museum is divided into exhibition: "the Birth book". "Russian house", "History", "World of heroes", "Journey into the stone age", "old Russian school", "Fun fair", "visiting grandparents", "Toy friends". If you go on a trip with children, take care of the sandwiches, time flies, and after a couple of hours walking through the Museum, kids will want to eat. Address: Bolshaya Moskovskaya, 43.
Shopping and entertainment center "SAMOKHVAL" will delight many modern games, entertainment, fabulous festivals. For the youngest there is a children's village, a carousel with horses, a dry pool, a trampoline, a maze with all sorts of ladders, houses, slides. For older children: attraction "Rodeo", game simulators, bowling, indoor race track, and after all that fun you can eat in the cafe.
After watching a movie in the cinema "Russia-cinema" should definitely go ice skating. Rink, "the Penguin" will offer rental skates for kids and adults. Address: Suzdalsky prospect, 8.
Horseback riding or sleigh rides are offered in all city parks. Horse yard Bogolyubovo known for a variety of routes, which are selected depending on the monetary capacity and skill of the rider. Riding in the sleigh on offer at the hotel "Gladiator" (MD. Zaklyazmenskiy, Zelenaya str., 17).
Worth a visit and Vladimir planetarium, a constantly updated program, various lectures on astronomy, history, geography, and space travel – all of which can take a whole day and give, in addition to impressions, a lot of useful information to children. Address: Bolshaya Moskovskaya d. 66A.
Children waiting for water hall and "Madagascar." It includes: large swimming pool, children's pool, slides, a trickle for the kids, Jacuzzi, waterfall, sauna, maze, relaxing area and cafes. Address: St] D. 516.
The house Museum of Stoletovs showcases original documents, photographs, unique devices Stoletov brothers. Aleksandr Stoletov – a prominent Russian physicist studying the photoelectric effect and magnetic properties of iron. Nikolai Stoletov - Russian military commander. He became famous in the war of 1877-78. Here are themed activities for preschoolers talk about holding dinner dances and Christmas in the house of Stoletov, and for older children - about the life and activities of A. G. Stoletov and the photoelectric effect. Address: St Stoletovs. 3.

Advice 2 : Where you can go with a child 2 years

In two years, the children understand almost everything that adults tell them. Therefore, parents who want to give the baby everything necessary for the development, start to drive it to all events, wherever you can get. And although the baby is in principle ready to receive large amounts of information, not all active occupations suited to it, because something it may simply not be interested, but for a long out he doesn't have enough patience.
Where you can go with a child 2 years
Walk in the Park

To walk in the Park turned to the kid at nightmare, you need to bring buggies or Bicycle handle, which will push an adult. The baby is not physically able to take you 5 miles, enjoying the fresh air and views of rare plants. It is worth remembering that the limit of patience of the child at this age is 25-30 minutes, so you should think about the route. It is desirable that the path brought you to the pond or the Playground, because to observe the alternation of birches, oaks and limes baby will quickly get bored. You can grab a something to eat and have a picnic, observing, of course, the rules of safety and hygiene. In fact, walking in the Park is one of the least dangerous for the baby ways to spend time, there is not likely to get any infection from a sick person, constant supervision is unlikely to injury.
Theatres and cinemas

Many moms dream of a time when you can take your child to the show. Actually 2 years is not a good time for this. The child is difficult to understand everything that happens on stage, to follow the plot, and just understanding the words. The same applies to the cartoons, as a rule, all that is in the movie, lasts at least one and a half hours, and the kids are getting antsy by the end of the promotional trailers. The only exceptions are short performances in theatres young thrilla, puppet theaters and children's theater studios, but these programs can be found not in all cities. In addition, do not expect something special for the first time. Your baby may just be frightened, so it is better to postpone the first performance at least up to three years.

Unfortunately, the museums that may interest small children, has not in all cities. And here to drag two year old child in the local history simply unreasonable to touch and twist there is nothing, around glass Windows, and see nothing. Another thing - the puppet Museum or the vintage car, the kids can spend a lot of time in such a place.
The game centers training

It is ideal for two year old children, as a rule, such centres have been established on the basis of kindergartens or special schools development. There are a lot of toys, groups in which classes are small, so a conflict situation is unlikely, and the risk of Contracting the flu is also not as high as in a regular kindergarten group. In addition, all games are conducted under the supervision of a child psychologist, so moms and dads can learn something new about your Chad, as a specialist looks at the child differently than parents.
Amusement parks

2 years is the age when the child actively explores space, including new and already knows how to demand. Therefore, going to the Park with a carousel with the baby, moms and dads needs to be prepared for the fact that it will quickly scamper from one attraction to another and could have cried, if to deny him the tenth session of riding on the train. However, some may simply be scared of sounds and light.
Shopping malls

Visiting shopping malls on the weekends has become a common leisure many families in our country. Children during adult shopping go to the special recreation centres. Two years, as a rule, do not take back, and rightly so. Played five can just ignore the baby, knock down, be accidentally pushed. In addition, such close contact is not too good for a fragile baby's immune system. In any case, it is a choice moms and dads, whether to go with kids for shopping.
Water parks

In 2 years the child already coordinated, perfectly controlled hands and feet, so you can enjoy the water Park. Kids somehow love the pools more than the sea, so don't be surprised that 2 hours in such a place you will remember him more than a month in Sunny beach. It is important not to lose sight of him.

Advice 3 : Where to go in Vladimir

Vladimir — Russian city, administrative center of Vladimir region, located on the left Bank of the Klyazma 176 km East of Moscow. This town was formerly the ancient capital of Eastern Russia, and in modern times is one of the country's largest centers of tourism.
Where to go in Vladimir

Vladimir is one of the cities "Golden Ring" of Russia. Founded in 1108 by Prince Vladimir Monomakh as a fortress with strategic importance for the protection of foreigners. Defended South-Eastern borders of the Rostov-Suzdal Principality.

A city on the Klyazma river is rightly proud of still preserved monuments of its past, listed in the UNESCO world heritage list. Vladimir is a city with a rich history, which has withstood the attacks of foreign invaders - the Mongols, poles and Germans. Now it is a booming regional centre, combining as monuments and new buildings in the art Nouveau style.

All over the world Vladimir is famous for its Souvenirs: magnificent goods from birch bark, fabric, wood, ornaments made of stones and enamel, crystal, lacquer miniatures. Especially popular among tourists Souvenirs depicting architectural monuments: Golden Gates, the assumption Cathedral, the Cathedral of the Intercession on the Nerl and in Bogolyubovo.

Be sure to visit the assumption Cathedral, Vladimir standing on the ground for more than 800 years. He witnessed the rapid blossoming of the Vladimir-Suzdal and its brutal destruction by the hordes of Mongol invaders. The Cathedral is a true treasure trove of ancient culture. Within its walls preserved examples of art by the best artists of different ages from the anonymous masters of the middle of the 12th century to Andrei Rublev and other geniuses of 17-18 centuries.

In the necropolis of the Cathedral of the assumption, located in the gallery, buried Vladimir the great men of princely blood: Andrey Bogolyubsky, Vsevolod the Big Nest, his son George and others. Are buried here and the old Russian writers – Bishop Simon ("Kiev-Pechora Patericon") and Serapion of Vladimir.

No less interesting and Demetrius Cathedral, built in 1190-ies as a Palace Church of the Vladimir Prince Vsevolod. In 1992, St. Demetrius Cathedral was inscribed on the UNESCO world heritage List.

In addition to these masterpieces of Russian architecture, the city has other monuments, reflecting different milestones of the historical development of Vladimir Trinity Church, the assumption Cathedral of the Knyaginin monastery, the monastery of the Nativity.

Near the Golden gate is the exhibition "Old Vladimir". It is located in the former water tower, built in 1912 and had long ago lost its original purpose. Exposition is housed in it now, is a story about the city of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It accurately recreates the atmosphere of the old town — middle-class, bureaucratic, merchant.

To emphasize the full flavor of the era it recreates the interiors of a wealthy citizen, police station, Church, shops, restaurant. All this is accompanied by an authentic newspaper clippings of the time. The exposition occupies three floors, the fourth equipped with an observation deck which offers scenic views of the city with numerous architectural monuments, among which stand out the white-stone cathedrals of the 12th century.

Advice 4 : Where to take your child to his birthday

For a child's birthday is one of the most important days (to compete with it can only the New year). To your offspring for life has good memories about this holiday, try to come up with for the baby something interesting.
Where to take your child to his birthday
Adults often celebrate their birthdays at cafes or restaurants. But for a kid it's not the best option because the little man wants to run and play with friends. Better to spend the holiday at the children's center with arcade games for the kids, pools with balls, slides and animators who are able to hold a costume party for the little birthday boy and his pals.

You can suggest a topic that is close to your child. For example, boys are dressed as pirates, look for treasure, girls to try yourself in the role of the kidnapped princesses, and all can enjoy the school of magic or turn into animals. And after the children are done, the celebrant and his retinue can take to a cafe where everyone will pick up a glass of juice for the health of the birthday.
Spend the summer children's birthday party outdoors. To invite to such an event better not only our little guests and their parents. Adults will help you to look after rambunctious kids and will keep you company. Prepare salads. Bring the vegetables that will be in place to slice and put on plates. The kids will love it, if you allow them to bake potatoes in the ashes or trust to turn the skewers.
The idea to go to the amusement Park on your birthday will probably accept with enthusiasm. Roller coaster, Ferris wheel, cars that can be controlled – the child will be, than itself to occupy. And in the end you can treat the celebrant is unhealthy, but so delicious sparkling water and cotton candy.
Teenagers are not so interesting to walk with adults to nature or to the Park. Want to make a child's birthday interesting – go play paintball. Together with the birthday make a list of guests and divide them into two teams. Run through obstacles and shoot each other with paint will appeal to children and adults the participants of this event.
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