Vladimir Museum of nature are visited by children of all ages. The Museum tells about the nature and inhabitants of Vladimir region. In addition to tours of the local flora and fauna in the Museum you can participate in an interesting ecology lessons that teach the care of nature. Address: Vladimir, World street, d.19.
Museum center in the Vladimir-Suzdal Museum-reserve offers in the form of games to learn the history of Russia from ancient times. Some exhibits about 25000 years! The Museum is divided into exhibition: "the Birth book". "Russian house", "History", "World of heroes", "Journey into the stone age", "old Russian school", "Fun fair", "visiting grandparents", "Toy friends". If you go on a trip with children, take care of the sandwiches, time flies, and after a couple of hours walking through the Museum, kids will want to eat. Address: Bolshaya Moskovskaya, 43.
Shopping and entertainment center "SAMOKHVAL" will delight many modern games, entertainment, fabulous festivals. For the youngest there is a children's village, a carousel with horses, a dry pool, a trampoline, a maze with all sorts of ladders, houses, slides. For older children: attraction "Rodeo", game simulators, bowling, indoor race track, and after all that fun you can eat in the cafe.
After watching a movie in the cinema "Russia-cinema" should definitely go ice skating. Rink, "the Penguin" will offer rental skates for kids and adults. Address: Suzdalsky prospect, 8.
Horseback riding or sleigh rides are offered in all city parks. Horse yard Bogolyubovo known for a variety of routes, which are selected depending on the monetary capacity and skill of the rider. Riding in the sleigh on offer at the hotel "Gladiator" (MD. Zaklyazmenskiy, Zelenaya str., 17).
Worth a visit and Vladimir planetarium, a constantly updated program, various lectures on astronomy, history, geography, and space travel – all of which can take a whole day and give, in addition to impressions, a lot of useful information to children. Address: Bolshaya Moskovskaya d. 66A.
Children waiting for water hall and "Madagascar." It includes: large swimming pool, children's pool, slides, a trickle for the kids, Jacuzzi, waterfall, sauna, maze, relaxing area and cafes. Address: St] D. 516.
The house Museum of Stoletovs showcases original documents, photographs, unique devices Stoletov brothers. Aleksandr Stoletov – a prominent Russian physicist studying the photoelectric effect and magnetic properties of iron. Nikolai Stoletov - Russian military commander. He became famous in the war of 1877-78. Here are themed activities for preschoolers talk about holding dinner dances and Christmas in the house of Stoletov, and for older children - about the life and activities of A. G. Stoletov and the photoelectric effect. Address: St Stoletovs. 3.